Could anyone please name drop any NWN2 modules that use the Storm of Zehir Party Dialogue system?

Could anyone please give a shout out to any Neverwinter Nights 2 adventures/campaigns/modules that use the Storm of Zehir Party Conversation system?

I would like to collect as many as possible.


Here are some examples I’ve confirmed

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I’m not home right now but I will look through my notes. If you can collect more of this data I will add it to my Playable Content List and post an update.


My own module, The Scroll, uses a dedicated scripting system that tests all player PCs for the highest skill to use when in conversation (whenever it counts) … and thereby offers multiple options if you are using a PC with better skills. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds, in that you get cutscene conversations, but with options from various party members that can offer extra information or better skill usage!

As an example, if you have a fighter with the best intimidate, and a wizard with the best diplomacy and a rogue with the best bluff, you will be offered all three conversation options, but from the different PCs! Note, this is just an example, the same various different options (as you would get with the conv system you mention) are still present in my system.

It is a unique system and one that allows multi-pc input without breaking the advantages of cutscene conversations! :slight_smile: It was one of the first hurdles I wanted to “fix” with respect to conversations that could allow a player to use multiple PCs in the same conversation. It also works in MP with more players, as it is based on the PCs abilities in the party!

That said, I still have one or two conversations that use the same as you mention, but only for different (slightly different reasoning) than when I use the cutscene ones. E.g. PCs searching a bookcase, then each PC can give their own potential chance of success … but that is because it is not speaking with a person and so did not appear to warrant a cutscene type conversation in this case.

By the way, I also make sure the “best” PC is used in almost every need for the player. Another example is the PC with the best appraise skill is the one that barters with the store keepers for the best prices. Therefore, you do not have to keep swapping PCs to get the best prices. Another exmple includes using the best available PC in some crafting options. The bottom line, I gave a lot of thought about how to implement PC skill checks in a party situation when being controlled by a single player … and then to keep to the best mechanics we have available to us.

Cheers, Lance.