Covid-19 Facts

Just a link to the infographical interactive map of known cases created by the respected John Hopkins University. Includes sidebars of information including the known number of people who have recovered so far. This information appears to be updated about every 20 minutes.

Also a link to an informative video on a channel I trust (SciShow) that amongst other things tells you why hand washing works.

Posting these links in order to hopefully dispel some erroneous information that is out there (plus - No, Garlic water does nothing to either cure or mitigate the symptoms).



The week begins with Women’s Day, the time change, the Full Moon and ends with Friday the 13th …

Good luck to everyone… :crazy_face:

Jokes aside, take care of yourself, for everyone on this forum.
I mean it. :love_you_gesture:


Make sure you have Greater Restoration scroll in your pocket anytime