Crafting Material Bonuses

Which script is responsible for the bonuses an item gets from the material used for crafting it?


Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass damage reduction on Iron Golems and certain spells. They also have a +2 magical damage bonus. Armor and shields made from adamantine grants its wearer damage reduction of 1/- if it’s light armor or shield, 2/- if it’s medium armor or heavy shield, and 3/- if it’s heavy armor or tower shield.

I tried looking in ginc_crafting.nss, but haven’t found any clues.

they are itemproperties / GMaterial types / Damage Reductions that are specifically set on items.

it’s all on their blueprints

crafting an item invokes an instance of the resref/blueprint … abracadabra  ;^)

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Well, that explains everything. Thanks)

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There’s no default script as far as I know. But as a module builder you can do a lot with this, I think.

If you look at the iprp_matcost.2da, it lists all the different types of materials which may be applied as an item property. As a sidenote, you can populate these costs in the 2da so that items of a particular type have the correct economic value for your module.

For my own part I intend to use this for things like OnDamage on placeables so folks are bashing doors and barricades with adamantine weapons and bypassing them with a single stroke.

I’m going to have to do some more research to try and learn how to use this ItemPropertyMaterial(1) to actually have damage reduction or damage immunity be overcome on creatures that are attacked. In other words, this would be a way to allow the Adamantine to overcome damage reduction without actually applying the +2 magical bonus to it, since some DMs use admantine as a separate-from-magic material.

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