Crafting Sonic Weapons

Does anyone know how to craft a sonic weapon in NWN2. I’ve seen weapon with sonic properties but I’ve never seen any thing on how to craft them. Is there a mod, there have been so many custom content mods I haven’t been able to find one that allows this. I’m speaking of the OC or MOTB style crafting. Thanks in advance.

I know there is a SOZ style extension mod. Since the weapons are already in the game is there already a recipe for sonic weapons. I hate the SOZ style crafting. Thanks In advance.


have you looked in The Complete Craftsman Reboot

if you get in touch with @Vandervecken he might have the time & inclination to do up some Sonic weaponry (it it’s not already there) …

Thanks kevL_s I will have a look.:grinning:

I’ve got The Complete Craftsman Reboot installed and I just checked the receipt for adding 1d10 sonic damage to a weapon and it worked.


Thank you jonesr65. I will check it out.

Would it be better to get the hak?

I’m replaying the OC on the gog version so am I limited to just OC recipes or can I use any recipe across all the campaigns?

The Complete Craftsman reboot has all the OC recipe’s, with a few spell changes, but adds a lot of different ones. Such as being able to add protection to items other than armor, increasing ability stats, increasing skill levels, creating masterworks of armor, and increasing the number of enchantments you can place on an item. It’s kind of neat to have a belt of agility with strength bonus and tumble bonus.