Crash on Mac Client for EE

I have a player who’s experiencing a crash whenever the game tries to switch to the swimming / flying phenotype. Has anyone heard of problems occurring with this, or why it might happen? It’s on build 8186 for Mac.

The problem doesn’t happen when I load the same saved game in my Windows version of the same build, so I’m tentatively assuming that it’s something client or graphics driver specific.

So I take it that no one’s seen anything like this at all?

Sorry, just noticed this. I’m fairly new to NwN but I do have EE and do use a Mac for playing. Happy to try something out for you if you want ( although ion it’s complicated you’d probably have to talk me through it) :grinning:

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Thanks! That would really help me out. The test is pretty straightforward, since the first failure point is near the beginning of the first module (less than half an hour in). All you’d have to do is install Sanctum of the Archmage for EE (the install directions are here), and then play through to the picnic scene. If you make it into the lake and start swimming, then that’d be evidence that issue is something specific to my other player’s system. If you crash on the start of the picnic, then that’d be supporting evidence of a Mac client issue (it works fine on Windows).

Many thanks again if you’d be willing to do this. And apologies in advance for the size of the Sanctum download list. It’s a large install, but I like to think it’s worth it. :slight_smile:


Will get onto it later today. It’s quite a list ! :grinning:

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Ok, well, first, what an extraordinary piece of work and labour of love, Andarian. I was enjoying it so much I was almost disappointed when I came to the picnic scene !

Anyway, I can report that the swimming works fine, if a little unevenly, for me. A little choppy at times but no crash and I had a good swim about, captured a small fish and came out of the water for the picnic. Great natural dialogue, btw. As an ex-English teacher I can appreciate decent writing.

One small point if I may. The only jarring note in the entire thing so far comes when Len has been killed and I go to speak to Robin. She replies in a really cheery voice " Greetings !" Not sure that’s appropriate :grinning:

Anyway, I hope that helps. If you need me to do any other testing just say. I did have one crash just before the picnic. When she offers me the picnic I chose the explore option, collected some stuff from the cupboard and came back. I then chose the let’s swim now option and it crashed. However, I reloaded, came back to that bit and the only thing I changed was that I chose the second option in the conversation and everything was fine. Don’t know if that’s any use to you.

Btw, in case it’s relevant I’m on a late 2013 iMac running Mojave 10.14.6. Can’t afford to upgrade to Catalina as its 64 bit only and I’m not sure I could still run the toolset under WINE.

Just a little update. I’ve now had another crash while escaping from the lodge and just after the waterfall. Seems to be a fairly bad one. Even after reloading it crashes at the same spot. Mind you, I don’t know my east from my west and I’ve been blundering about with Robin furiously giving me directions so it could be my fault…

Sorted first crash by taking a slightly different route across the waterfall but crashed again a little after crossing it. I think I’m just taking a wrong route. It’s hard to know precisely where to go. Amazing scenery though !

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2 hours later and I can’t find a way past the mountain ledges. I can now manage to get across the waterfall without crashing but just after that there is a very high climb and I can’t get that route right. If I try to go round the front the demons arrive, if I go the gentler route slightly down the way it crashes every time. Sorry, can’t make any progress like this. Tried about 20 times. Might have been better if Robin, since she knows the route, had led me or is it just an issue with the waterfall/mountains?

Furthest I can get without a crash is within sight of the boulder. I can click on it but don’t move towards it and any direction from there results in a crash.

Btw, game version is EE V78.8186. Last crash log below.

=== Crash
What you see below is debug info that will help us fix a crash you have
encountered. Please create a new public ticket for NWN on

and attach all of it. This will help us figure out what went wrong.
We can fix issues best when you include all relevant info that led to
this crash so we can reproduce it - the more the better.

Thank you.
=== Props
target = nwmain
time = 1567800723
exception = b
binaryChecksum = md5=cc33dbaafd61ad704b5cce51b1990dc7
g_sBuildNumber = 8186
g_sVersionNumber = 1, 0, 0, 0
g_sGitCommit = 4e5d9380
&GenericCrashHandler = 0x9864a0
=== Backtrace
0 nwmain 0x00987960 nwmain + 9988448
1 nwmain 0x0098690e nwmain + 9984270
2 nwmain 0x009876ee nwmain + 9987822
3 libsystem_platform.dylib 0xa7cc4bae _sigtramp + 46
4 ??? 0xffffffff 0x0 + 4294967295
5 nwmain 0x000347e3 nwmain + 210915
6 nwmain 0x0003431e nwmain + 209694
7 nwmain 0x000b2741 nwmain + 726849
8 nwmain 0x0009f044 nwmain + 647236
9 nwmain 0x0001c642 nwmain + 112194
10 nwmain 0x00417422 nwmain + 4285474
11 nwmain 0x00238582 nwmain + 2323842
12 nwmain 0x0023f963 nwmain + 2353507
13 nwmain 0x0023a2e4 nwmain + 2331364
14 nwmain 0x00008892 nwmain + 30866
15 nwmain 0x00009dbe nwmain + 36286
16 libdyld.dylib 0xa7adb051 start + 1
17 ??? 0x00000001 0x0 + 1
=== End

Hope this helps.

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JimDad, thanks for your work on this! Your feedback is really helpful here. I’ll need to look into it more, but it suggests to me that the problem may actually be different from what I’d thought. It definitely sounds like there’s a Mac-client related crash, but it may not be from the pheno switch (especially since you seem to have gotten past that in the swimming scene).

That was the first thing I thought of that the scenes causing the problem seemed to have in common. Your input suggests, though, that it may actually be a problem with the Mac client not being able to handle pathfinding over more challenging terrain. That’s another thing that the scenes where the crash is occurring have in common that I hadn’t considered until now. I’ll look into this more.

In the meantime, if you want to keep playing, the easiest way to proceed would be to use the console to run the command: dm_jumptopoint 9 16 . That will drop you right next to a stone that serves as the exit from the area. You won’t have to deal with that kind of terrain again until halfway through the second module, so hopefully you shouldn’t encounter any more crashes. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, when I try it the game crashes again. It seems to be the whole area that’s affected. I tried saving as soon as I arrived in the waterfall area from the lodge. It worked but when I went back to load that game it crashed immediately without finishing loading.
Is there any way of skipping into the next area with the game intact?

Well, the good news is that this confirms my suspicion! It’s not the phenotypes, but the tileset. Specifically, it’s Adam Miller’s Mountain tileset. Both of the areas that my other player has been crashing in use that same tileset, and it seems to be happening with you as well. The crashes seem to be partly random, but appear to be especially prone to occur when the player is navigating a steep slope in the terrain. That should be enough information for me make a simple test module to illustrate the problem and file a bug report with Beamdog.

In the meantime, here’s a link to an updated patch hak with a script that’ll help you work around it:

Just put in in your hak directory (replacing the old one), and do the following, after you’ve completed your dialogue with Len’s Apparition and he’s started his “countdown.” (Make sure Robin’s in your party and you’ve taken everything from the chest near the entrance to the room.)

~DebugMode 1
~dm_runscript sa1_escapeportal
~DebugMode 0

The script will drop you at the entrance to the cave complex below the waterfall. You should be able to get all the way through to the middle of the second module before you hit another mountain tileset area.

Let me know if you have any trouble, and thanks again for your help!


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Thanks, that works. Enjoying the game.

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