Crash to desktop in my module - what could be causing it?

When working with my module I’ve had crash to desktop in one particular area quite often when testing. This occurs randomly but mainly when there is a fight. To try to ammend for this issue I’ve made autosaves just before the fights.

What could be causing this? My own guess is that maybe there’s a bit too much stuff in this area as it is, and when fighting begins and spells are being thrown, it’s just too much for the game to handle. This particular area is a 16x16 outdoor area with a lot of detail, kindly custom made for me by raymondseabas. I’ve added quite a lot of fog, falling leaves, Okku Mound Spirit and Okku Den Sparkle vfx and I would really like to keep that in.

Maybe some of you have thoughts on this and experiences knowing what mainly causes crashes like these?

If it’s because of too much going on you could turn off the shadows in the module properties, make placeables into environmental objects and walkmesh cut them out of the way, cut down on the grass, make it so you can’t walk through trees with the unwalkable bit in the terrain tab or even turn off the day night cycle and set it to one time only ( default ) so the computer doesn’t have to think about that either…

It might work.