Crash when saving?

This is weird NWN2 has been on my computer for years it’s not a GoG version or Steam it’s from the disk but now every time I save the game it crashes and says NWN2 has stopped working.

The only thing I’ve done is copied two saves from it onto a laptop but this is my PC with the original saves in. It’s not the module either as I reloaded a save from another module, saved it and it crashed that too.

Any ideas why ?

Thank you.

This is weird I started the game by right clicking the NWN2 start icon and as a test I ran it as an administrator to get to the start menu then hit play ( as usual ).

It saved normally with no crash, I exited, restarted it ( not administrator ) and saved again, no crash so it works now :grinning:

But why did it happen like that ? I have never ever ran this game as an administrator and that’s a lot of years playing it !

idk but whenever I see RunAsAdministrator i tick it

( it can have something to do with what folders the app is allowed to write to )

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When I had this problem it’s was a .2da problem, somme of the ability weren’t referenced correctly.

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kevL_s… I will run it as an administrator from now on if it happens but I never have done before, I’ve never ran it in any compatibility mode either. It’s just lived on my hard drive for years with no issues… Until now !

Shallina… It’s possible but I haven’t changed any 2das for ages and that was way before this happened.

Thanks and I guess I’ll be more careful from now onwards, I’ll save as soon as I start it up and load a save that way if it crashes I’ll know not to continue until it’s sorted again.