Create .are files dynamically?

Hey all.

I’ve been looking at the .are files and how are they structured and I was wondering, is it possible to edit them with any pluging for any programming language?

I was thinking on creating lots of dungeons dynamically using this system and then start the server with those new areas in the override folder. That way every restart could have a completely different layout for some dungeons.

Has anyone toyed with this?


You’d need to do the .git file at least as well.

There are tools to convert gff files to and from various txt formats. The yaml version niv wrote in ruby I find to be the best. If I recall, the new ones for ee don’t support yaml so they did not work for me.

WIth this you could write code or scripts to generate the files in a readable (for some definition of readable) format and then convert them to binary gff for actual use. With nwnx resman functionality you could add them to the module dynamically too.

I think it would be pretty involved to make it really work well. But it is theoretically possible.

Thanks, I guess I’ll have to go the “easy” way of having lots of areas and choosing one template randomly because it might be faster than working in this tool, I barely have time and was looking for a way to generate stuff randomly

In any case, just dropping .are files in override doesn’t work, because areas also have to be in the master list in module.ifo.

The new CopyArea command in EE might help.