Created Illusionary Wall Spell (RESOLVED)

Oh…man…sorry…they are there. I just thought you would have grouped them.

Dude I’m sorry

I would say I’m stupid as hell…but I think my stroke a few years back did this to my brain.

Hey, I saw the publication.

There are 2 things worng

Duration is 1 minute or 10 rounds
Save is Will Negates

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Oh…ok…I will fix that. Thanks :slight_smile:

But 10 rounds is a turn from my understanding

My mistake. Good job man

Just want to note BillHarper’s HD weapons (replaced about 2/3 of weap models now) probably compresses smaller than your 4 wall models + 2das download. Can probably be greatly improved with a few minutes of work on the models/textures to something more reasonable like a few MB compressed for those parts of the project (with 1k textures).

You would have to address this to Tarot_Redhand as he did the wall models.

Comparing sizes of items (use tiny textures in comparison) to that of placeables is fraught with difficulties. Even so I do note that Bill Harper’s HD Hand Axes package alone, in its archive is 56.57mb in size. For the walls I only used two textures. Thing is they are hi-res (1024x1024 pixels) DDS PBR textures comprising 5 images each . Yet compressed in their archives, they are still only around 6 megs including the models and 2da. So if you think you can do better go for it.


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File size raised some eyebrows on discord. Out of what seems to be needed, one of the wall textures is still tga, could probably be dds. (Visual effects are generally ok with dds except outside sprite sheets and things like flares–textures the engine does stuff with. Yay progress.)

Upper case in hak file names, why you hate linux users :slight_smile:

The CCC compilation for the month is in the package, that seems weird. Didn’t check if those were used at all, there’s lots of tga in there. That’s a big chunk of the filesize, and you wouldn’t want to use a lossy format to distribute that content.

I only used DDS for the files posted in this thread. I tend to use TGA simply because I have had problems with DDS in the past (e.g. very thin blue lines being smeared when they are on a darker blue background) due to it (DDS) being a lossy format. RE. the TGA textures - they are probably for the simple plane type walls. FWIW, I don’t worry about file size. I make stuff intended for sp. If it works with mp great, if not…

For all it’s positives you would think that Linux (whichever flavour) would have progressed beyond an inability to use upper-case letters in filenames by now. The original kernel will be 30+ years old in 2023.

Nothing to do with me. As it is linked to on the project page it doesn’t need to be included in the package. Also, contrary to what it says there most of the walls used by this particular project were made specifically for this project.


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It can. In fact, linux knows the difference between a lower-case and upper-case letter. Windows and NWN don’t really so the problem comes with how can you specify you want “My.hak” or “my.hak” when they are the same in the toolset and windows? I think the game now looks for lowercase even when specified with upper-case but I don’t remember off hand. It then won’t find it if it was installed as “My.hak”. I have a whole series of symbolic links from the camel-cased hak names to lower case so that it works with both the toolset and the linux client.

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…but Android still has case issues IIRC.