Creating a Dynamically appearance'd Drow

Hello everyone. I am creating a small Drow village, but I have no way of creating drow that show up with regular armors and such. I only have the predefined models. I know that the Drow helm is a thing, but this character is a wizard with a special and unique looking robe. I can’t use one of the predefined Drow appearances. Is there any way I can get a drow body that is dynamic like the “normal” dynamic elf/dwarf/human/etc? Or at the very least, some hack I can perform to give him a drow head, as the rest of his body will be covered. I am using the CEP, if it matters.

Easily. Just give them the ‘elf’ phenotype and color their skin black and hair white.

But how do I color their skin?

When you choose a dynamic appearance (e.g. elf) the toolset lets you change the skin, hair and tatoo colours (and the body parts) - on the Appearance tab IIRC.

See toolset manual:–-aurora-toolset-manual