Creating animated water in/on a placeable?

I have a stone fountain placeable I want to add water to but not sure how to do so, so that it looks like all other water in EE with the fancy map thing going on. Is there a way to just make a plane inside the fountain bowl and reference the water texture in EE so the game will automaticly detect it and act accordingly? or is there extra steps? any tutorials on the subject ( preferably not using a tileset as an example ) ?

Same tutorial page as in your “Tutorials or Info on Animated Foliage Placeables”-question. Maybe this is an option:

Using Animesh and UVW_Xform to paint a scrolling texture (again written by @Bannor)

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Thank you. Did you happen to know what file within the default game has the typical water texture? I think EE will automatically detect it on my model and give me the effect I’m looking for without needing to do the tutorial above. I think EE just changed the way the default water looks and works with a update a few updates ago.

Sorry! I’ve been “out of order”. I have never checked, if there is a typical water texture. Each tileset with water (-terrain) has been assigned a certain water texture. One way to find them is to create an area with 3x3 water terrain in the toolset and the move the cursor to the middle square of the water. To the lower left, it will display to you the name of the tile. For “Rural” the tile is called ttr01_b20_01.
Now open the NWNexplorer and locate that tile (it has a simple search function). On the bottom right you see some TABs. Choose “ASCII Model” and it will give you the data of the model. Look for “bitmap”-entries and find the one, which is probably water. In my example it is TTR01_water01.
Now search for this texture (with the NWNexplorer). If you RIGHT-click onto the texture NAME, you can export the texture. If it’s a DDS-texture, you have here also the option to export it as TGA.
Is that, what you wanted to know?

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Thank you! I believe it is. If I understand correctly, Beamdog simply used the default water texture as the texture referenced by the new PBR shader to create the PBR water animation we all see on the default tilesets. If I’m correct, using that same texture on a placeable should tell the new PBR shader to use the same water animations on my placeable. I’ll give it a shot and see what happens and update my findings here. :grinning: