Creating feats - Dual wield

Hello Everyone,

I started to investigate how to create custom feats for our project, and was starting with dual wield. I manage to add some pasive ones, like +1 AC when you dual wield and such, but having problem on one that gives you a third attack with your offhand. Been looking but only have seen effects to add attacks in general, not in the off-hand weapon precisely.

Have to point we don’t have NWNX yet, I don’t know how to install it or use it at the moment. Is it needed for what I’m looking for?

thanks in advise^^

I’d bet that the number of attacks with the offhand is pretty much hardcoded, one as standard and a second one with the advanced two weapon fighting.

I have seen some servers that have the feat to add a third attack with the off-hand with a -10 penalty.

Guess it’s advanced stuff? if it’s hardcoded then maybe has to do with NWNX…


I can say nothing about servers with “advanced stuff”.

But even in NWN EE I see no way to do this. If there is a feet, let’s say “weapon focus dagger”, then there must be somewhere a definition, what the feat actually does. By now it is a AB +1 with a specific weapon, but theoretically it could be a skill bonus of +5 in knitting as well. I don’t see this definition anywhere in the 2da’s or at a place, where a builder can customize it.

Ok, I’ll take note. Thanks for the insight ^^