Creating New Custom Soundset for PC

Hello! I decided to make a dive back into NWN1, and I wanted to try doing some modifications.
The first thing I wanted to try (so no mods were added before doing this) insert a custom soundset for my character. I wanted to use Jon Irenicus from Baldur’s Gate 2.
I feel like I’m very close, but I’ve just had no luck and gave up on it last night.

So far, I’ve been able to get the soundset to show during Character Creation, but clicking on it plays no sounds. When selecting it and starting the game, the sounds are still not present when doing any emotion or action.

Heres a step-by-step of what I did (I was following a guide for this. On top that, the sounds I’m using are .wave files from )
Just in case this helps or not, my install of NWN1 is from
First thing first, I have TLKEditor and SSFEdit.

First I extracted all .wave files to my Override folder and renamed them to match. Just to keep them short, they all start with “vs_fjoni”.

Next up, I created a copy of the soundset.2da file with “Jon” added to the bottom, after getting the STREFF number, of course.

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Second to last step was getting everything set up in SSF Editor and saving it as an SSF file. That file is in my Override folder as well.

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It now shows in character creation, but no sounds are made whatsoever.

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So what am I doing wrong?

Have you applied the critical rebuild patch for english, HotU, 1.69 yet? Essential for gogs version. GOG claim their NwN is fully patched, but it isn’t. It needs this patch. If any of the settings on that page are not what you need just change the dropdown boxes.

Once you’ve done that, download the custom content guide v3. It has a full chapter on voice sets.

^ Check my comment. You can find the solution for this problem there.

More information on creating custom soundsets can be found here:
(AFAIK, most of the information is relevant to NWN1)

Thank you :slight_smile: If nobody knew what was wrong I was going to consider trying out what that comment said, I didn’t originally because, since that soundset is for NWN2, i figured the comment was for how to get it to work for NWN2, not 1. Thank you!
That’s much more difficult than what the other commenter suggested, however, so I will try it after his suggestion lol.

I’m not sure whether the patch helped or doing the Audacity trick that the other commenter mentioned worked, but I now have it working :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

I strongly suggest that you still get the custom content guide that I linked to anyway. It is 100% relevant to NwN and very useful.