Creating new interesting breed

Hello everybody and thanks for being here.
Is there any way to add two more weapon slots to the inventory?
What I want to do is have 4 slots, having the possibility of holding 4 weapons at the same time.
I also want to create a new breed with 4 arms using blender.
Do you think this is possible? How should i do?
Consider that I am a total newbie to modding, I have never used blender, so any advice you will give me also about using blender to do this job will be useful for me.
I’m fine even if you pass me some tutorials, or if some of you more practical than me decide to collaborate together on this project so as to make it faster and better done.
If the project is successful I will post the files here so we can all enjoy it.
Thank you.

I guess it’s not possible. There are already 4 or 6-armed models fo NWN, but they don’t have equipment slots.

To explain what is neccessary to get a two armed character model to work would prorbably fill a book. Maybe you try something less ambitious to start? A cube maybe?


Where can i find these 4 / 6 armed models?

The best example I know is PHoD’s Kali which is also available in CEP 2.

P.S. One of those rare cases where it’s worth compiling the model.

The Mariliths have multiple arms and weapons. CEP has them, I believe, but you can only dynamically equip two of them, same as any other creature.

Yup, the Marilith is the standard 6 armed Monster, just search for it using “Marilith”. :slight_smile: Of course, PHoDs Kali is way more elaborated.

Find a “White man of Mars” (4 Arms) here:

You can equip creature weapons (bite and claw?) that would give you total 4 weapons… but I do not know how to make game force attack both armed and unarmed in 1 turn?

You can’t force additional attacks, the BAB determines the number of attacks and, if no usual weapons or gloves are equipped, creature weapon slots are chosen at random for the attack progression.

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There is an effect which adds additional attacks to a character, so a 4 (or 6 armed) beast with more attacks than a two armed creature can be simulated.

usual weapons or gloves

Any equipable Item could do the trick.