Creating Placeable Paintings?

Where can I find a tutorial for creating custom placeable wall portraits/paintings?

Check this:

They’re not about a wall painting, but placeables. So the technique is the same only that you create an upright plane (if you want to keep it simple) and apply a paintings texture to it.

Will do. Thank you

Awesome I just downloaded the do it blender 1-3 placeable article and the add on texture part file too, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Probably the easiest way is to copy an existing model, using a text editor to change the model name throughout, and the texture name for the image (but not the frame).

Endure that the image texture has the same size and properties of the original. Otherwise it’s a simple Photoshop to get any desired image in game.

That’s what I did for the CCC Gothic paintings (which are now in CEP, together with many other paintings if you prefer a variety of frames).

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Thank you Proleric, I have a lot of public domain images that I think would work well.

Glad to help. Wikimedia Commons has a jaw-dropping collection of public domain images, including many medieval paintings.

Those pages of the CCC content are AMAZING so many super creative people here on the vault! And yes I agree Wikipedia commons has some of the nicest image files I have found on the internet. The NASA space images and old masterpiece paintings are some of my favorites from there.