Creating placeble house from a tile or use interchangeably tiles of areas

Dear builders, I’m having noob Q.

Background: Im interested to have houses from City tileset in Rocky mountains area.

Q: Is it possible to use tilesets from areas in anothers? Is it possible to somehow use houses from area City even they are tiles – in another one? Considering only Houses if it makes things easier.

I guess Placeables are not so big of a deal, but Architecture is mostly tiles if Im not wrong.

False thinking is comming from not really understanding 3D content and its types on my side. I would like to change Area in online module and i would like to use Brick city area buildings in rocky mountains if its possible.

Thank you for guidance.

Try this hak…

That sort of extended tileset is probably the best option.

There are some placeable buildings in CEP and other packs on the Vault, which generally work well, but the selection is limited.

Merging tiles from one tileset into another is a long, tedious business, requiring a fair amount of expertise. Amongst other issues, there’s no universal standard for height and texture (of water, for example), so imported tiles just look wrong until you tweak those things. I’ve made a few extra tiles for special purposes, but in general I would leave it to the tileset makers.

The problem is I cannot change area type - Rocky Mountains in this scenario. So Im no go unless tedious work or placeble. Correct?

But you can do lot of things with placeables…

With the houses from the Witcher placeables (Placeables from the game The Witcher 1 | The Neverwinter Vault) or from NWN2 (House Placeables Converted From NWN2 | The Neverwinter Vault) you have more choices than you’d have if you added the tiles from the vanilla Bioware tilesets. You’d also be able to place them where you want and rotate them. You just need to know how to add doors to placeables.

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You also have lady patricias City placeables, and Phod’s packs for monuments and ancient blg…

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Guys thanks :pray:t2: so Lady and Witcher. Door ill use the modul coded. So Ill just suck the copies of the haks and add to moduls custom palette, if I understand. Literally 10 houses tops makes the job.

Zwerkules, We are running CEPless, ProjectQless module. If I take witcher hak, in toolset I see it, but I dont see the placeables in palete.

Then the hak doesn’t have a palette-extension. But you can create one by yourself.

  • place any placeable (i. e. a lootbag) into your area
  • on the first property page of the placeable is a drop-down where you can specify the appearance of the placeable.
  • Find the house you want to see in the drop-down-list. Note that placable will change it’s apperance according to your selection after you confirmed with “ok”.
  • Select “add to list” from the context menu of the placeable.

How do you add doors to placeables? I been trying to figure this out for awhile now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Afaik there is no way to add a door to a placeable. But there’s a little trick with the toolset where you can move a door from a tile into the placable. Or you use one of the “secret” doors from the bio-palette.

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The trick is to add the door to a doorway tile (which can be temporary), then Adjust Location in the left-hand palette.

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