Creating Random Placeables?

Is there a way to do this? I’d like a function that creates a placeable IG using random appearances. Right now, I create my random placeables using paletted blueprints which works well (string plus a random integer as the suffix to determine which appears) but I’d like to expand it without further bloating my palettes. IE, create a treasure chest using a premade one from the palette, but have it be created with random (semi random from a list) appearance IG.

As far as I know, in nwscript, you must have a palette entry for each placeable appearance, because you have to specify a resref when creating an object.

Creature appearances can be changed, but there’s no equivalent function for other object classes.

You could use a moneo script to vary the appearance of placeables in your module. That would be like changing appearances manually in the toolset on the roll of a die. You’d end up with lots of visual variety, but every game would be the same.

That was the conclusion I’d come too as well. Thanks. I’ll just add some custom blue prints to a serverside hak and use string+random number to call their resrefs.