Creating Star Wars KOTOR I & II style Adventures for NWN1

Hello! I’m a newbie here so apologies if I’m posting in the incorrect place.

I want to create single-player KOTOR style adventures using the NWN1 toolset. I still have a lot to learn about creating quests, maps, mods and so on. I’m one of those people that wanted a KOTOR3 lol. I figured why complain when I can just start making my own stories.

My question is what mods should I download to have something as close as possible to a complete “KOTOR toolset”? Anything from tile textures, lightsabers / force powers, buildings, NPCs, animations, user interface etc would be useful.

Thanks in advance!

Before you embark on that, do you play multi-player at all? If so you might want to check out this star wars persistent world.

If not I would strongly recommend that you first build an ordinary module, just so you can learn the toolset. Also, if you haven’t done so already, take a look at the pinned threads on here including this one.

But if you insist on running before you can crawl nevermind walk, you will probably need to check out the D20 Modern haks which also means that you’ll need the CEP as well.Once you are comfortable with installing custom content this collection of placeables by PHoD could well be useful too as there are a few star wars droids in it. These three tilesets by the same author may also be useful. That is just to get you started.


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Perhaps one day I’ll try out a multi-player SW mod. For now, I’m mostly interested in learning the tool set as the medium to create single player stories.

While I do have some experience with the tool set (grew up watching / playing this game with my father, followed some basic tutorials online, youtube etc), I am nowhere near as proficient as I’d like to be. I’ve never installed custom content either. I don’t doubt this will be a challenge but that’s part of the fun.

So no, I won’t be running anytime soon lol.

I don’t expect this toolset to be able to create an exact KOTOR experience, but would you say there’s enough custom content out there to create something pretty close?

Thanks for your help! I’m definitely motivated to learn.

Friend TR,

I had no idea this Star Wars server was a thing! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention! It looks so delicious! Thanks again!

Friend coagulationfactor,

Build, build, build! Anything you wanna release to the community, we’re more than happy to have it! Most important thing is have fun!

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The D20 Modern haks have a lot of content donated by a creator for the old Sith Wars project which is modelled heavily on KotOR, including firearms and lightsabers. It also includes most of the PHoD creations. I’ve known others create campaign modules using it so it should be feasible.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the info!