Creation of new Project section for NWN: EE

The project section is already split into sections. I think adding another will keep things consistent. It would nice to know when a new EE project comes out and authors can select this section to place them. Right now, I am seeing them mostly in the NWN1 section. Just a suggestion.


For now, at least, most new NWN1 content is for both EE and 1.69, so arguably an exclusive EE section would be positively misleading to EE players looking for the latest mods.

What about content that relies on the new features (e.g. shaders, script commands, etc.) that won’t work with 1.69? I think it might not be a bad idea to give EE its own section or give content authors an easy way to flag it right in the header (i.e. a new line that asks what game the content is for: NWN 1.69, NWN EE, or NWN2). I included NWN2 because there are many NWN1 scripts that will work in NWN2.

Maybe a poll is in order?

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Agreed. I’m only building and testing for EE. I probably won’t be releasing the Sanctum EE chapter 1-2 updates for 1.69. For sure chapter 3 (now in development again) will be EE only.

I don’t have an opinion on whether or not to have a new section, but it would definitely be good to at least have a flag for things that take advantage of new EE features.