Creature Conversation

So my server is starting to gain some popularity, and one issue that has come up is that a player can “hog” an NPC by starting a conversation and never ending it. How can I allow multiple people to talk to an NPC at the same time? Right now the user is just informed that the NPC is busy when another player is in conversation with that NPC.

I’ve never actually had this problem and can’t really test it in singleplayer, so this may not actually work, but… my first try would be making the NPC’s OnConversation event make the PC Speaker start a conversation with themselves. As in, have the PC Speaker be engaged in a conversation with the PC Speaker, rather than with the NPC. :thinking:

I thought it was the norm to have an invisibile object spawn and have the conversation with the PC when the PC engages the NPC in conversation.

I haven’t even begun looking into how to do it, though.

Yes you have to create an invisible object each time you create a conversation which will hold the conversation with the pc (and you have to destroy it when the conversation ends).

Here is a link to a similar issue I had : Dynamic dialogs in multiplayer