Creature Items Stacking

Hi all,

Perhaps someone can save me some time testing, and let me know the answer to these questions …

If a creature has 23 strength, it gets +6 bonus to hit and attack (according to creature stats).

Now if a “claw” creature item was added with the following, what would the final bonuses to attack and damage be … (per claw) …

a) Property: Enhancement Bonus + 9 (Which I believe adds to both attack and damage bonuses.)
b) Property: Attack Bonus + 17.

At this stage, I have assumed they stack and would give the following results, but would like confirmation. Thanks in advance.

Final Attack Bonus: 6 + 9 + 17 = 32.
Final Damage Bonus: 6 + 9 = 15.

And does Property: Monster Damage (x) stack with claw/bite damage properties, even if it is attached to a creature skin?

That’s the way I look at it but check if it’s got any feats in creature things I don’t know if they are added to it’s normal attack bonus. Take the claws off it and give it a sword and see if it changes anything with the attack bonus and you’ll see.

ps. Your creature sounds quite scary !


At the moment I am up to my eyeballs in other building stuff (like fixing OC scripts) to be able to give it the time to check. :cold_face:

Don’t worry they were just examples - the real creatures may be much more scary! :thinking:

don’t forget there’s a console command

enablecombatdebugging 1
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Yes … Is there a way to AddMoreRealTimeToLife=1 :wink:


I tried that command but it looks broken in the 1.23 release. Let me know if you get it working. :scream:


Try this…

DebugMode 1
dm_settime 0 0 0 0

That should buy you 24 more hours if you do it at 11:59 PM each day :smiley:


Lance_Botelle… I had a look at a creature and by swapping things in the inventory, feats and looking at the statistics it looks like creature weapon feats do nothing to the attack bonus in the statistics.

Take away the claws then give it a sword and the attack bonus stays the same.

Add feats like weapon focus sword to the creature and the attack bonus goes up.

Give the creature claws with an enhancement bonus and still no difference but give it a +2 sword and it goes up.

Make the creature a fighter then add creature weapon feats and no difference to attack bonus, meaning it’s not a class thing.

There you are then, clear as mud !

Looks like the only way to test it is to line up some different creatures with different claws and feats to fight and look at the results as it happens because the statistics don’t show improvements from enhanced creature weapons or feats.

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LOL! :sweat_smile:

That’s what I thought! Very well, we got that one sorted then. :wink:

I think I will just go with a few options and see how it pans out … and if it “performs” to what I want, then good.

Thanks for taking a look though! :+1: