Creature Model: phoning home


I found a nice yeti, which bases on the Hill Giant model. Just a reskin I guess. Per Default, it holds his right arm as it would carry a club over his shoulder. But it has no club in his hand. So it looks just as it would do a call home with a handy :wink: (but there is no handy …)

Or in other words: It looks rather stupid and I would like to change that. I already tried to change the supermodel to something else (Frost giant, Human (a_fa)), but this doesn’t work, the hill giant model didn’t accept any other supermodel so far.
Is there an easy way to change the animation without reprogramming it completely new?

“Yes Mum, I’ll just kill those two adventureres, then I’ll come home”

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You’ll have to equip the creature with a weapon in the primary weapon slot in its inventory

Right, that would be a solution, if I want to equip the creature. But I don’t want. Wooden clubs are rare in the ice waste and too expensive.It shall use it’s claws.
And I’m curious if something could be done with the models.

You need to change all the mesh names in the yeti model to match the mesh names in whatever supermodel you are changing it to - e.g., hillgiant_head to frostgiant_head.

Even after you’ve done all that there will still probably be serious animation issues that need manual adjustment in a program like 3DS or Blender.


If you can wait just a couple of days I might be able to help with this, but I am really busy because of whats going on in world right now. I will PM you on the vault and you can send me the textures and the model and I’ll can see what I can do for you.

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Hello Cervantes and Pstemarie.
Thanks for answering.
@Cervantes: I sent you a PM.
@Pstemarie: I’ll have a look into that. At last I can learn something, even if it fails.


This is for Cervantes
Yeti.7z (38.3 KB)

I finally had a few minutes to work on the Yeti here are the results for you Mmat. I tied him to the a_ba super animations reposed and scaled the animations. I did not do any in depth testing. Please use the line from my Appearance 2DA there are important entries required for it to work properly.
yeti.7z (45.1 KB)

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for me, ist absolutely perfect. I tested the idle and combat animation and it’s good enough. Hmm, I should write a mod where I can test any animation …
There is just one small thing. My yeti has has a stun attack, such as the umberhulk. The ray of this attack is emitted at the pelvis … But that’s not a big deal, I’ll give the claws some stunning features and drop the umberhulklike ray attack.

Thank you very much for this!

No gaze or cone will work very well because the cone VFX is originated from “hands”. Umber hulk simply has “hands” on top of his head.

This can be easily modified, however generally the model is fine. If I would change the position of hands, a different spell would show incorrectly, so this is not something I could call a fix rather than personal modification.

At any rate here you go: (14.0 KB)

yeti model with the hand node centered on its head

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Thanks for that!

I see, I can’t get everything. If the creature has a gaze attack, then it will never show other hand conjuring animations correctly.

However, this guy isn’t designed to wield high magic, so the “natural” gaze attack is just fine.

I wonder if you could make entries in spells.2da for the yeti special attacks and just change where they originate from in the 2da’s ProjSpawnPoint entry to point to whatever dummy node you’re using - assuming it has a projectile

Yes, that would probably be much better solution. One needs to switch the “var_something” value from column CastHandVisual (that refers to cone visual model) with column CastHeadVisual and that should do the trick. Might be troublesome to distinguish this in toolset so, additional texts in TLK are required as spells.2da doesn’t allow “unlocalized” texts in name of the spell.

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Sounds quite complicated. I guess I’ll skip that. The creature now does, what it should do. No need to implement advanced features.