Creature texture mod help

Hi folks! I have downloaded the high poly pixie mod and I want to add a texture to finish it.
Can’t find a good tutorial telling me how to do it(I’m learning the arcane arts of modding using blender).

Thanks and may the Force be with you all!


Hello! :smiley:

These are the tutorials you are looking for:

^- Not strictly necessary to do what you want to do, but good to know either way.
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Thanks a lot!
By the way, I’m a big fan of your works (Aribeth redux and heads override) and when I improve my “blending” skills, I plan to join the Pluralribeth, after I mod Linu and my character.

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Hooray! Lifelong goal of creating a cult movement achieved! :grin:

That’s awesome. Shout if you have any questions! I’m still an at-most-intermediate-level 3d modeler, too - if you run into any problems, trying to solve them together may well teach me something as well. :smiley:

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I just started this 3d modelling stuff a few weeks ago. I’m still learning how to use blender.

Tossin’ two more links your way, then:

^- Not helpful for learning the basics of the software, since it’s not for Blender, but very much worth glancing over for the “Aha! So that’s what the process is supposed to look like in the long run!”-effect. Best “How do I make a complete character from scratch?” guide I’ve seen.
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