Creatures Die Standing Up

Lately I’ve noticed creatures in my module will sometimes die standing up. They’ll fall over when killed, but instantly stand back up dead before fading away. Is there a solution to force them to stay on the ground?

no, unfortunately this is a bio-bug. it has something to do with the model animation state used for the creature’s appearance model getting ‘stuck’ in the wrong state.

you’ll find similar amusing shenanigens amongst creatures that are supposed to spawn in dead ; they all begin in the standing position, and when an observer sees them they quickly fall down dead. [i hear it has something to do w/one of their programmers, some guy named schrödinger… ;p]


Didn’t look anything like this did they?


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Quit TR your killing me.:rofl:

@Tarot_Redhand OMG that looks too much like me after a superb saturday night…