Crimmor - help

Hi everybody.
I am stuck in the difficult Kamal’s mod “Crimmor”. No walkthrough nor playthrough.
Could a pious fellow help me with some clues?

  1. maintenance men - observed the AZ scratched on the box but no idea about what to do. Some hope with AZel at the brothel but nothing. Where to search next?
  2. talisman - no idea about how getting access to Nomarch’s estate;
  3. Beholder in Lady Ophal’s basement, the not skippable gap and the translucent book, no idea about what to do;
  4. Taking the scroll got at the Enclave in Purse Ward to the translater, paid the 1000 gold, awaited 2 times, it seems that the translator did the job but nothing new appeared in the inventory. No translated scroll or anything else. Perhaps a bug? If so, any script? Is the translation essencial to go ahead?
    Many thanks in advance.

matuto did message me, but I haven’t opened the toolset in a long time.

for 1, iirc there is a secret door. Remember I use nonstandard secret doors, as introduced in the pc home at the beginning of the module…

  1. Any way you can get access will work, sneak in, disguise…

  2. There’s no particular point to this.

  3. The translation is one way to advance the quest, but iirc not the only one. If it’s bugged you should still be able to advance.

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I love these iirc from us developers when there has been a long time since we released something and can’t remember how our quests are done :smiley: .

I did play Crimmor when it got released and to be honest I don’t remember specifics. But when it comes to secret doors, they work exactly like they do in Return of the Exile. @matuto, you contacted me about it back then and I told you how they work. I even mentioned that they work in the same fashion as in Crimmor. You should pay more attention to the tutorials of each campaign you play. Then you might encounter less problems. Good luck.

Hi Kamal and Andysks,thank you so much. After playing ROTE I am aware of the passable walls.
And “at home” in Purse Ward, starting Crimmor, I was warned about the same system. I swear that I’ve tried to pass through all the walls. But for sure I wll go back to the house and try again.
Nomarth’s estate gates are not highlighted by pressing Z and no signal of a lock to be opened or picked. I have already disguised using noble hat and outfit to no avail. So I understand that disguising is the key. The elf rogue from the prison cannot be dismissed and teams with the hero. So I have disguised her too. But which is the proper disguise? The cloack from the grave at Moonless Crypts (I guess I sold it somewhere if I recovered it from the thief…) ?
Lady Ophal’s basement is impressive. No beholder and nothing more? The gap, the book for nothing? I have decided to advice the little thief to flee. But going back to her state, Lady Ophal was not there and the quest remains unfinished.
Beside the translation not received, any clue about going ahead with the main quest?
Many thanks to you both. Crimmor and ROTE keep the player’s interest due to the immersive plots.

Hi Kamal,

  1. As I have told there are no passable walls, no secret doors or hatchs in Ollain’s house;
  2. Pickpocked one of the guards in front of the gates of Nomarth’s estate and got one key.
    But no clue about the door it is supposed to open.
    Quests don’t advance and no new red spots in the maps.
    So, without guidance, it seems that I am definitely stuck.
    I will check the forums from time to time. Anyway, many thanks.