Curse of Lycanthropy Discussion and Thoughts (Paladin Divine Health)

Hi All,

So how do you handle lycanthropy in your game?

Is there a risk of the disease, and if so, what happens to the PCs?

As far as I can see (and recall from my own game-playing days), the OC NWN2 does not support this. Is it something best left as not affecting the PCs? Or has anybody made an honest attempt to incorporate the disease into the game?

Thanks in advance, Lance.

Imho, the best way to incorporate it would be to give a cursed and plot item (misc) to characters affected by disease, then you set a module heartbeat script that checks all PCs with that item, and then check if they are in outdoor area and it’s nighttime, if all checks apply, then you give them a supernatural permanent werewolf polymorph effect, otherwise if the checks don’t apply you remove it.

The infection could occur with a custom on-hit cast spell (unique power) item property of certain creature weapons by npc werewolves. (also weretigers, wererats, werepigs, werebunnies, werewhatever…)

Eventually, a quest, or a potion to cure lycanthropy would just be about removing that item from the inventory.

Hi Clangeddin,

That does appear to be the general run of the idea - which the link I give above appears to adopt. However, that was for NWN1 and so I am adopting the general idea for NWN2, but with NWN2 “alterations”.

I will see how I get on, as there are quite a few “differences” in the code approach - but at least I have the framework, and you confirmed the same approach by the looks of it.

I am going to look closer at the “timing” of full moon, as that may be possible in my campaign with its current time system.

Cheers, Lance.

From some reading, it appears the Paladin class may be immune to the Lycanthropic curse. Is this correct?

Thanks, Lance.

EDIT: Also, Can somebody confirm what properties the werewolf has to help reduce damage? For example, in my own toolset, it appears to have both a damage reduction of 10 unless alchemical silver used … but also appears to have a shapechangers “skin” which appears to do addition soak damage.

So, Are they both meant to be present? If so, what for?

In MoW, I think there’s a chance for the PC to become a Lycan. I’ll look when I have a chance.

Thanks - I do not think I have access to that add-on.

I am still making slow progress with my own system at the moment, and will keep all updated. However, anything that should be considered, please let me know.

I have sorted through the peripheral scripts, and now need to examine/fix the core script that applies the curse itself, which I may be able to apply using the polymorph function.

I may be mistaken, though. Good module, but I’ve only gone through it twice.


Can somebody explain to me what the Wildshape parameter does in the EffectPolymorph function practically speaking?

Thanks, Lance.

I assume it’s to allow druids with the Natural Spell feat to retain their spellcasting while polymorphed in that specific form.
I’m only assuming though, not 100% certain about it.

Oh, I see. Thanks.

If anyone can confirm this, I would like to know. For now (as there is a lot of other stuff to test), I will just leave the parameter as false.

You can download Ossian Studios’ wererats and their blueprints from this site. Didn’t Bouncyrock build new werewolves and put them in Miserystone?

Yes, if bWildShape is true, the polymorph is treated as Druid’s wild shape. It means that the Natural Spell feat will affect this form.

Natural spell does not allow casting while in any other forms other than the Druid’s wild shape. For example, it does not permit a Druid to cast while in Shapechange forms.


Hi Aqvilinus,

Thanks - well that confirms I need FALSE then. Thanks for the info.


Hi All,

OK, when a PC changes form due to the curse, what do we want to do with respect to items equipped?

In the scripts I am looking at as a guide, the change in form has a chance of “breaking” the armour. However, this does not have to be the case if I simply assume the change in a polymorph manner.

I am trying to consider the application of applying the curse with playability - and would like feedback if you believe a chance of armour destruction and/or equipment loss should be considered as a result of the transformation … or do we just assume polymorph, which I believe is probably the OC stance.

Thanks in advance.

Hi AE,

I have already got the wererat blueprint, and is why I am developing the lycanthropy curse code. I have not seen it implemented anywhere, except that link I gave in the first post. That code, however, is mostly inappropriate for NWN2, but at least it gives me a few pointers.

Cheers, Lance.

Hi All,

OK, I will be taking my guide from here …


You could consider the system used in Sapphire Star module. When PC (or even other NPCs) is hit by specific natural weapon (werecreature bite), he/she has to make a saving throw against disease, if failed, will be set Afflicted variable with a WereType variable to keep track of the strain (rat/wolf/etc).

Control Shape check happens once every night, skill check is Concentration but easily changed. If fails, PC transforms and has to make a Fortitude Saving Throw for armor breakage. For gameplay reasons, PC is still able to move around normally, but when near creatures, hostile or not, might go Berserk on it, attacking and getting Hasted but taking away control from the player temporarily, it caused some accidental rampages for me.

On the point of rampages, one should take note of faction issue, making sure they are not global or have any faction relations change permanently because of a single (accidental) kill.

Finally, I feel that the stats of the werecreature shapes should scale with PC’s level somewhat so as to not become completely obsolete, because there will be a point where a PC’s main physical stat will be higher than their werecreature form.

I suppose you could avoid faction issues by applying the ‘confusion’ spell effect. Have not actually looked at that.

I’ve never applied the ‘curse of lycanthropy’ logic in-game (going back to PnP days) because it creates too much of a digression from the main plot. Breaking armor and attacking allies sticks such a fork in the plot, I don’t want to do all that work for what may or may not happen on a single random die roll. How players react to this change of direction depends on how far of this side quest takes them from what you’ve lead them to expect from your campaign.

tl;dr unless you have a plot point that turns on a lycanthropy curse, just adding this as a random die roll induced disease is a lot of extra effort for questionable gain.

I would avoid breaking the armor as players would just circumvent it by reloading and/or unequipping the armor before it should break. It’s just an annoying mechanic, it’s also not equally punishing for all classes, a fighter losing his armor is not like a monk or a wizard losing his armor.


Hi BowShatter … See my above link and comments below.

This reflects my own attitude towards it as well. However, I do want to include the overall “effect” as it is a key point of lycanthropy. The trick at this stage is determining what to include, what not to include, and how to handle the changes in game. At the moment, I have decided that the transformation works more like a “polymorph” effect, in that the curse/disease changes the entire being (like a polymorph) so that any items equipped are not destroyed, but neither are they accessible. (As I note the inventory has all items unavailable if made accessible in any way.)

See my comment above about not breaking armour/equipment …

As regards to “playability”, I think that the penalty of not being able to access equipment or cast spells when under the effect will suffice as a reason to want to be rid of the infection/curse. I will also add an alignment penalty if any PC voluntarily chooses to change their form (which I am including once they are aware of their affliction). This won’t (perhaps) bother an evil character, but should encourage good players to avoid using it.

I am also considering having “involuntary” changes dependant on HP status (as per 3e rules), as well as the well-known three nights of the full moon. However, these “involuntary” changes would not affect alignment. If changed, I will likely add the “confusion” effect (if forced or voluntarily changed during combat), which acts as a good half-way with respect to control and factions.

Curing will be as per 3e rules … with the exception that Belladonna has a chance of success within the first three days, subject to the number of days. d3 v days sort of thing.

I am also adding the “Lycanthroy Control” feat, which the PC gains (or loses) when they are aware of the condition or are cured from it.

I will report back when I have more done. (At the moment, I have the “bite” code, the heartbeat “change” code, and the include file, which also support spells.)

EDIT: And in case it is not obvious, the PC only changes to a “hybrid” version and NOT the full change.

All feedback great! Thanks!