Custom Clothing Body Clipping - Fix?

Hello, folks!

I installed a hak that adds some wonderful robe models.
However, despite either setting the armour parts to 0 or an empty value (254), body parts still appear and clip through the armour.

I was thinking of writing an OnEquip script that hides the body parts, then returns them on OnUnequip.

Does anyone know of an easier/cleaner way to make these work for players?


What you want to do is handled in the game by parts_robe.2da

Oh my gosh. Heck yeah.
So if I set the 2da to hide parts, I don’t have to script anything?
Thanks for the insight!


Another question…

If I put this armour hak before CEP, then CEP robes no longer work.
If I put it after, then the body parts clip again.
Do I need to merge the CEP robe_parts.2da with the 2da from this hak?

If you use CEP you’ll want to change its cep 2da and put it on top of the CEP’s top hak.

I’ll give that a go, thank you!