Custom Content Challenge - April 2021 : Hunters and fishermen


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That’s some great stuff very cool!

Can I ask though, out of curiosity, the guy at the back, is that a new model or a half-orc with a dwarven head? Did you make him specifically for this challenge or are there already haks for putting dwarven heads on humans and half-orcs?

Also, clueless question, but could the bunny helmet also be made into a head model or would that require a lot of effort?

Wabbit Wampage

April’s done. As soon as I get the files I’ll post this ccc. Please remember to include clear pictures for use on the project page with your submission.

BTW and FWIW, the length of the ears on those anthro creatures are too long for rabbits. That and the shape of the head means they are more likely to be European Brown Hare People than Rabbits.

Next month’s poll and this month’s theme threads to follow in a few hours.


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The dwarven guy is a human scaled/dwarven headed creature with a body rescaled from my Oni’s from a previous challenge. He was supposed to be my Beastmaster or something, but I was not happy with his feet so he is out for this challenge. I am also saving the girls for my Catti-brie

The Bunny helmet can be made into a head model but its more tedious. Making it a helmet seems more convenient (also I ran out of head spaces since I usually do each head for all races)

I’m late I’m late I’m late - says the rabbit
but I am sending it in now. Besides testing, I need to level up my documentation skills

Here is what is in my package


By the way the clothes on these people are original (also made of cylinders) don’t bother looking for them in the vault. I’ll toss them in when we have some sort of loincloth related challenge or if I complete my 1-255 Full outfit replacement. whichever comes first.


See, I was gonna say the rabbit stuff oculd be used for Pooka, which… Haven’t shown up in D&D much but they were in some earlier books. More to the endless Fey additions

I see. The oni are freaking awesome as well! :star_struck:

Well, at least it will give me a motivation for learning to integrate more custom content via override/patch haks than just heads. :wink:

Looking forward to the Beastmaster and Cattie-Brie to appear another time!

And it’s posted here.