Custom Content Challenge: August 2018: Things That Should Not Be

Parasyte hand with eye and Vampire hunter D inspired one
Edit: will try to make more parasite themed ones + some warhammer mutations


I thought some of those were familiar… Then I remembered this scene from Red Dwarf.



Heads up for the new Headman heading your way…

I apologize for that opening sentence, actually quite profusely.
Another minor villain from Demoness Tales, though a vaguely sympathetic one, since it wasn’t his fault he got hideously fractured, replicated and enweirdomized in a dribblingly incompetent experiment with Interdimensional Time Shift… Well, actually, it WAS his fault, 'cause he was incompetent and had no idea what he was doing. Which is why he’s a debased freak now.

Loathsomely composed of nothing but an infinite recursion of his own tortured agony when he ended up existing in every second of Time at the same time (not easy to achieve) which, for reasons unknown, is represented by him being a big pile of contorted heads. Which was more infinite in my original artwork, but festering NWN polycounts being what they are…

He’s also linked eternally to the other big pile of contorted heads on the debased remnant of his so-called Time Machine, which didn’t work properly even before it was a pile of contorted heads. And they’re both piles of contorted heads now because the device is part of him and vice versa…
Yes, he can hold weapons and other objects, just so long as you don’t mind the whole “I have a sword hilt stuck straight through my head - one of them anyway” thing, or the amusing "Lacking digits, I grip my shield between a few sets of my teeth) motif.

Anyway, we just call him “Anthrocephalus”, which can be barbarically translated as “Man of Heads” or something along those general lines…
Also, no matter what colour light you stick in the socket, he will always look completely unsightly… Amazing but true.


I bet he has great peripheral vision though.


But when you’re used to binocular, stereoscopic vision, when you suddenly see a kaleidoscopic chaos of 500 different versions of everything 360 degrees around you, many of which are upside down or such, well, it kind’ve confuses the old brain… especially when you’ve theoretically got a great many brains all vying to be in control… with little or no connective nerve tissue…
Little wonder he’s MMMMAADD!

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More body horror
Have problem when importing to nwn LINK.


And now, instead of rubbish minor villains, at last, an actual, proper, legitimate, authentic PHoD Rubbery Spleen Monster!

Technically still just a minor Eldritch Abomination, kind’ve borderline, but still extremely very nasty indeed if it happens to come seething out of the Nether Dimensions at you.

Slimy, pustular, offensively pungent, generally unpleasant. Has no particularly discernible form, just a sort of tangled chaos with bits on. And a vast gob full of ludicrously overstated fangs.

Ambitions include devouring the world - doesn’t much matter which world, any world’ll do - growing to ever more immense proportions and… and… actually, that’s its only ambition, in so much as it has any capacity for sentient thought at all aside from a drooling ravening beyond measure.

It is not advised to allow it membership in any esteemed club for gentlefolk as it does have a perceived trait of eating the rest of the clientele.


Just finished tweaking a few models I was doing for a very atypical set of Modules - atypical for me anyway in that they’re taken entirely seriously with more or less no humour in them whatsoever - which take place in the year 1431, in the latter part of the Hundred Years War, with Jeanne d’Arc escaping her unjust execution… An interesting (and weird) exercise in rewriting history and delving about into all manner of social, cultural analogies and so forth… Anyway, it occurred to me that, at least according to some, the Maid of Orleans included, The Nazarene is something that “should not be”… and thus could be vaguely relevant this month.

In essence, following a global catastrophe of unimaginable scale in 1431, the tyrannical Catholic Church embarks upon a savage attempt to absolutely conquer the known world by means of loathsome biological weapons the catastrophe has made possible. Naturally, they have no idea of the forces they’re playing with…
Anyway, they dig out what little is left of the mortal remains of Jesus Christ from underneath Mount Cardou where the Templars of the First Crusade reburied him and, basically, remake and reanimate him and then reapply him to the cross amidst a warped organic exoskeleton so that they may use him as a figurehead in their war… only, what little survives of the mind of a once decent man rebels and the debased thing turns into a rampaging, schizophrenic horror…

Now, I’m not a religious individual, but I have taken pains to be respectful whilst doing all the vast masses of Hindu-esque CC for my Maldrapur Chronicles with Kali… On the other hand, I have zero respect for Catholicism; it’s not only that the Catholic Church was founded by Paul the Apostle on an outright falsehood and a complete bastardization of the message Jesus (an Essene Jew anyway) tried to spread, but it’s more that the Catholic Church has so often committed obscene atrocities like the monstrous persecution of the Cathars - the genocidal, so-called Albigensian Crusade, the slaughter of the Huguenots, the Auto-da-Fe of the Inquisition, the systematic and ruthless extermination of Gnostics to try to keep concealed the untruths of the Church, etc…
But, opinions differ and there may be those amongst you who feel turning Jesus Christ into a PHoD Undead Spleen Creature is offensive in your opinion. I don’t want TAD to have to waste time retracting the CCC Hak for this month when it goes up, delete one rubbish Creature model, rewrite the 2da and put it back just 'cause someone gets all freaked out over it. So make your objections now, if anyone has any.

As with all the stuff I do, I do it 'cause I need it for my own Modules. I’m thus utterly indifferent as to whether the rest of the Community do or do not want it. So, it’s entirely up to you, in a gestalt, group sense, as to whether you feel any need to have a weirdo Nazarene thing or not.
PS:- This model is in no way intended to be offensive, it’s simply part of a story I’m telling. Nor am I intending this thread becomes a bitter debate on the bloody history of the Catholic Church.
I’m only saying anything beyond my usual mad dribbling out of deference, not to a faith I personally abhor, but to anyone in the Community here who feels strongly otherwise.
I leave inclusion of this model to the general consensus.


Crucifiction was not restricted to just one particular person, so that could be anyone in there. Maybe the town crucified an evil guy who was tormenting the village, and this is the evil guy’s final form.

I think it’s great.


Quite. We all know millions have been crucified over the years - but, even if I said it was “Just a Generic Bloke TM”, most people are going to look at it and label it Christ even if it WASN’T intended to be and even if he has been glued into a PHoD Freak Undead Animal Thing.

So, as I say, it’s up to people to take it or leave it at their own discretion.

Religion and politics are very personal issues and it can be quite challenging for us as a community of artists to “push the envelope” without inciting any online wars or fracturing the community.

I think it is safe to say that this entry qualifies as a “Thing That Should Not Be” and therefore should be included.

But let’s limit our discussion of it. It would be very easy for a discussion to spiral into something which none of us want.


You know the Roman’s Crucified every gladiator they caught. I’m speaking of the uprising that was led by Spartacus. That is those who were not killed in the several battles that were fought There were 6000 crucified along the Appian Way that entered Rome. Call him Spartacus instead. Although in reality Spartacus’ body was never found. So who knows.

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Just recalled another rubbish minor villain who needed some work… Lord Morbidius - stupid damned name, guaranteed to ensure that you become a seething, monumental Evilist and also turn yourself into a Freakish Undead Whassname in your own foully incompetent experiments… Stands to reason.

Morbidius is a rabid misanthrope, wishes to rule the world 'cause clearly he’s always right and everybody else is always wrong, builds legions of Undead Animals all the time and… No, hang on, I think that may be me I’m thinking of there
Hm. On second thoughts, this reeking Morbidius type must be completely different to that. Though he (what’s left of him) does build lots of Undead Animals in his secret Undead Animal Factory… but that proves nothing. Loads of people build Undead Animals on an industrial scale. Probably.

Also, despite being a Shabby Reprobate Hyena Thing, I do manage to be just marginally better looking than this tricephalic weirdo. Not that this necessarily constitutes an above average level of good looks. I’ve seen Mice crushed to pastes on the undersides of Big Bricks that were better looking than this Obvious Spleen.

NEXT:- Whopping Dirty Great Eldritch Abominations…


Just a thought on the crucifixion beast. A simple way to diffuse most objections would be to put a different head on it without a beard. Jesus is always depicted as having one, so a head without a beard is obviously not him (unless you are a member of the uk press who misidentified the saint in this video as JC just to stir up trouble). Of course there will always be those who will be blinded by their faith and try to pin labels on to it. See this article on Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” as an example (ignore the headline, it includes a quote).



Artistic license covers a rather lot of things. Looks like PHoD killed it far as matching this CCC theme goes. :grin: Way to go meta, you.

I think I’d argue that the offensiveness of a game asset depends very very much on the context in which it’s ultimately used. Creating 3d models of children, for instance, is not in itself an act of endorsing pedophilia. I can think of scenarios in which a model like this could be used in a thoroughly pro-Christian story setting - such as for demon-induced visions/hallucinations, where twisted antagonists are spewing forth gruesome blasphemous mockeries of the protagonist’s faith. Vampire - Heaven Defied is an example of a module that might have made use of an asset like this in such a context. I’d personally say “include it”.

Knowing for a fact that we really do have some Catholics hereabouts who aren’t unlikely to be uncomfortable with this kind of thing, though, I’d endorse excluding it from the pack if any one of them raises an objection even if the consensus is otherwise predominantly that it should be included, simply as a gesture of respect from the antitheist side, in the interest of maintaining respectful relations between people at opposite ends of a rather conflict-prone debate. The atheists-versus-theists-and-theists-versus-atheists “warfare” IRL and elsewhere on the internet serves no practical purpose other than to frustrate and alienate people who otherwise could’ve gotten along swimmingly.

Speaking of the greater debate in and about the world for a bit, not intending to criticize anything that has been said here so far, but raising the point for anything that may yet follow down the road, perhaps even years from now - I’m fairly sure that the “Only stupid people are religious!”-argumentation in particular is a continuous source of frustration for a lot of religious people in the IT sector, perhaps especially when witnessed at a distance, in arguments they personally know better than to join by now, for having been burned by the attempt before. I’m quite sure it’s thoroughly offputting to regularly have to try to defend your sanity and rationality before people who are very determined to scorn and ridicule every argument you put forward, using derogation of something you greatly care about as a bonding measure and as a means to prove their own intellectual superiority. Any reasonable person would eventually stop bothering to try.

If we ever do wind up discussing religion to some degree or other, then deliberately respectful treatment, aiming to improve one’s own personal understanding and appreciation of a different viewpoint rather than determine The Truth™ and convince the other side to abandon their position, may be somewhat more called for in places like this than in others.

There’s my two cents thrown into the Pot O’ General Consensus, for what they’re worth.


I just remembered something fitting for this theme CHAOS SPAWN
I have a book with chaos mutations so i might roll a few times to make mine own abomination.

I hope PHoD will include this month’s contribution, even if it offends someone.

Use of the work is optional, so it’s not being forced on anyone.

Liberty should only be curtailed to prevent significant harm - merely causing offence isn’t sufficient grounds.

There is an elephant in the room. It owes more to Pinter than Kafka. Every time we tell ourselves that it’s not polite to talk about it, we make yet another tiny submission to theocracy.

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Seems like this month’s ccc is more apposite than I realised. Just found out that today (20th August 2018) would have been H. P. Lovecraft’s 128th birthday (as well as Dave Brock of Hawkwind fame’s 77th).


Just to make it clear Dave Brock is still alive, well (AFAIK), touring and recording with Hawkwind.


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Arguing with Proleric again, as usual. Love ya, Proleric. Someday, I'll get kicked in the face for persistent straying-kindasorta-offtopic-ness. Mark me words, I'll have called it.

I rather agree on almost all of those points. Prohibiting discussion of specific topics limits everyone’s access to perspectives that differ on our own. Causing as well as taking offense is simply unavoidable part of human interaction. It’d be quite ridiculous to try to inhibit the very necessary syncretistic processes busily at work these days for the sake of the literally unachievable goal of not offending anyone ever.

But, showing occasional gestures of respect and consideration for one’s fellows is not a matter of intolerable personal or collective submission to oppression; not any more than going to a ballet recital with one’s wife even if one personally loathes ballet is, or not anymore than not spraypainting one’s neighbours’ car which one knows they inherited from their dead father and they perhaps love more than life itself is. People on the vehemently antitheist side might be quite surprised to discover how prevalent religiousness is among people they like and respect and would not have suspected of being religious at all. Very seriously: Being religious is not synonymous with being stupid, and any ideology is capable of being oppressive. Belief in the rightfulness of unquestioning submission to higher authority is not at all limited to religion.

Communal customs and traditions are another of those cases where people have established shared expectations for what should be, and how people should act, and what reasons they should cite for justifying their actions, citing the higher authority of The Commonality™ and The Rules That Bind Us All™ to whom all people are beholden. Case in point: If we, as individuals or as a group, respect locally agreed-upon customs and traditions, are we committing an act of submission to a tyrannical ruling ideology that seeks to subjugate us and dictate our actions and our thoughts, or are we simply trying to devise shared methods for operation to keep overall chaos and conflict manageable and help people get along, with one another, and with their projects, avoiding unnecessary hassle and complication for everyone involved? :wink:

The internet is still a very recent invention, very suddenly connecting people from all kinds of different groups, with all kinds of different customs and beliefs and expectations for how people should speak and behave. ::shrug:: Most of these groups seem to be loudly complaining about lack of respect and appreciation from one another, and pointedly trying to sabotage and inhibit eachother on practical matters over that lack of respect and appreciation. Giving people unmitigated cause for offense, for feeling disadvantaged or disrespected, is generally the first step to inciting retaliation - verbal or otherwise.

It might help to view gestures like this, not necessarily this specific one (it’s worth noting, general consensus is looking to be that the model should be included, and it’s 100% possible that everybody who could see cause to take offense is simply laid back as heck and/or knows that we’re collectively not trying to be dicks and just doesn’t take offense, so we may well be arguing a moot point once again), but gestures like this in general, not as submission to impersonal faceless hostile ideology, but as caring for the safety, happiness, and wellbeing of one’s own people; the very honor and duty of any guardian and protector. As noted before, we do have religious members of the community, with whom we cheerfully interact every day and who freely show respect and consideration for the standards and customs we’ve established. I don’t think I could manage to ever view them as “brainwashed sheeple serving to push forward a theological world domination agenda to subjugate us all” whose wellbeing not only may but must therefore be disregarded for The Good Of All™, to any degree, no matter how indirect, and I’d understand it very much if establishing a standard of casual derogation of their religion in particular or religiousness in general made them personally feel unjustly and unprovokedly under attack, giving them a sense of being held guilty by association, showing them very clearly that there are things for which they will be rejected and shunned if they dare voice them. It is, essentially, the same issue of maintaining people’s right to personal opinions and free speech, to be allowed to be who and what they are - which is the very prerequisite for being loved and respected for who and what one is.

That’s not so much about any 3d models we can make and upload, but simply about the way we speak to and of one another, though, and it does not necessitate censorship so much as willingness to consider another person’s sense of freedom and acceptedness to be no less important than one’s own. It’s the risk of communicating the general notion of “I don’t care if I offend YOU, MY right to SAY AND DO WHAT I WANT is more important to me than whether or not I scare or hurt YOU AND I WILL DO THIS REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT” to one another that’s worth trying to avoid. It’s difficult to pull off at the best of times, though. Communication is always fraught with miscommunication and misinterpretation, and humans just generally seem to be more prone to see the negatives than the positives when we disagree.

I don’t really have any solutions to the problems of the world either, though, y’know. Best I’ve really got to offer is that seeing people being willing to make an effort, knowing that we collectively try to make the best of the situation we’ve got and will care for and watch our for one another, can be enough to get by when things to to the crapper, and it’s just about all we can do, sometimes. Corruption at the top thrives on mistrust and divisiveness at the bottom. Divide and conquer is an age-old principle. :-/ Call me a hippie dreamer, but a population that simply refuses to treat one another with anything less than respect and appreciation is much less likely to turn on and exploit one another, in the name of any cause. Small things like these can do wonders for building that, one small gesture after another culminating into a solid foundation of “No. I will not turn on these people. These people are good. Who are you to tell me that I should hate them?! Who are you to tell me that I should harm them?!”.

In that, disrespect in small matters really does build up a general sense of “Why the fuck shouldn’t I screw you over? You’ve never shown me the slightest bit of consideration. Here’s your comeuppance, douchebag. Don’t like it? Guess what - I don’t give a shit if that pisses you off”. Take our occasional prods and pokes at one another, for instance. Essentially, rooted in my treating you poorly, carelessly prioritizing expressing my opinions over not offending you. I just don’t really know how to fix that without giving up speaking up if I think I see things leading to problems down the road. Truthfully, I suck at diplomacy. I pretty much only have a mental sledgehammer available, much as I struggle to refine the damn thing. :-/ Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make up for that, sometime. Craft some models for you, or something, maybe. Indentured servitude to the rescue!

I’ll get back to moping about my oh so terribly sad childhood and writing dramatic and morose poetry now. Maybe apply some eyeliner, while I’m at it. ^^ Nice jab, though, unless I misinterpreted that, in which case, augh!! Curse you, Miscommunication, Misinterpretation, and Penchant To See Hostility Where None Is Intended. Truly, you are Enemies of the People!