Custom Content Challenge - August 2023 Poll

Custom Content Challenge - August 2023 Poll
  • Ash Williams Vs. Neverwinter
  • Fixes and Improvements
  • Game in Game
  • Holy War
  • India
  • Make Some Noise, Play Elegant Music
  • The Stone Age
  • The Time Machine
  • They’re All Greek to Me!

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Ash Williams Vs. Neverwinter

Maybe you know about Ashy Slashy, Deadites, Necronomicon, Boom sticks, Knights of Sumer, Mexican brujos, skeleton warriors, walking homicidal hands and other similar twisted oddities. This time, we make anything inspired by the Evil Dead movies / series world. Ah yes, it’s Ash we are talking about here… So Gore / Blood / Horror / Chainsaws are welcome. Hail to the king !!!

Fixes and Improvements

Enhance already existing content from any source, previous CCCs, CEP, CTP, vault, base game. data…

Game in Game

There are already some nice examples within the vault: 66 in A Dance with Rogues, Magic in Demons, Melee Maidens in Hex Coda, Mastermind (don’t recall where I’ve seen it, so I programmed it new …), There are some casino games in Enigma Island 3, Slot machines in Lankhmar Nights, Guess the card in HOTU. The theme gives the opportunities for some sophisticated scripting and 3d-modelling as well (game boards, pieces, slotmachines, cards etc.)

Holy War

Anything related to religious zealots and holy warriors, including militant clerics, paladins, monks of holy orders, flagellants, archangels, sacred relics, battlefield shrines, holy ruins, fallen holy warriors, religious tomes, reliquaries, banners of holy orders, symbolic shields and weapons, shiny religious plate mail, religious tabards, instruments of inquisition, stake for burning a witch, dunking chair, sacred creatures, improved cleric battle spell f/x, holy site f/x. How about religious zealots for other player races? A port of the NWN2 Divine Champion PrC?


India is one of the world’s largest and oldest civilizations, yet there is very little content in NWN that can reflect this. Content could include tilesets of Indian civilization (pagodas, temples, cities, etc.), clothing, heads, weapons, wild animals native to India, and monsters from Indian mythology and folklore.

Make Some Noise, Play Elegant Music

Yes, we need new food for our (pointed) ears… Are you bored, always earing the same wind sounds or that awful battle music for the 827th time ? This is your opportunity to enlarge the Nwn soundscape. Get your audacity, your microphone and recorder ready, or grab some public domain samples and, to the works… Nature, civilisation, magic and weird noises, frightening sounds, voices, great music (medieval, modern, symphonic, etc.) abound… There is a whole sonic world out there, we can capture and adapt to our favorite game. But please, if you use others works, do verify these are not commercial and always provide artists names references and original tune or sound names.

The Stone Age

Everything related with the prehistoric times. Rock art, dolmens, menhirs and any kind of megalithic constructions; Stone or bone weapons and tools, primitive fur clothes; Cavemen, Neanderthals or any other kind of hominid. Non dinosaur prehistoric animals, like mammoths, woolly rhinos, Paraceratherium, megatherium, terror birds, sabretooth felines, megaloceros, giant armadillo, megalodon, Gigantopithecus, etc.

The Time Machine

Based on H.G. Wells classic. A time machine, pleasant, flowery gardens where delicious fruits growing under the warm sun, a giant sphynx statue, Eloi fooling around everywhere, Morlocks lurking in dark tunnels surrounded by their strange machines, mutant crabs and butterflies in dead landscapes.

They’re All Greek to Me!

Ancient Greek mythology. Creatures - Hecatoncheires, Titans, Dryads, Argonauts, Bacchantes, Fauns, etc. Gods and Demi-Gods - Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Asclepius, Athena, Cronus, Demeter, Dionysus, Eros, Gaia, Hades, Helios, Hephaestus, Hera, Heracles, Hermes, Hestia, Nemesis, Pan, Persephone, Poseidon, Prometheus and Zeus. Might even allow a certain fictional Warrior Princess…

New this month is “Fixes and Improvements”, “Holy War” and “They’re All Greek to Me!”.


Strangeness going with the vote stats. Some votes are heavier than others :wink: One unique vote for “Game in game” clocks 7% and one unique vote for “The Stone Age” gives a lighter 6% ! Rounding Integer problem ? I know, not a new thing but…

And the winner is “They’re All Greek to Me!”