Custom Content Challenge - December 2021 : World of Darkness

The theme for this month’s challenge: World of Darkness

White wolf games pnp both old and new. You can find there both werewolf and vampire, Demons and angels, ghost and spectre. Good dark fantasy setting with many powers, spells and ideas.

This theme was suggested by Shadowing2029.


  • It must be fully working in game.
  • Use of vanilla NWN or publicly available texture is fine. Just remember that NWN textures must have dimensions in powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.).
  • Teamwork is welcome.
  • Beginners most welcome. Don’t be afraid, just try, you’ll be surprised!
  • “Custom Content” includes many sorts of things: models, scripts, prefabs (areas, items, creatures, conversations, quests, etc.), sounds, portraits, or anything else new for the game.
  • All submissions must be finished, working, and emailed to (or a non-Vault link provided) by January 1st, 2022. Sooner than that is perfectly fine too. :wink:

Some things you could include in the download/email that would make packaging everything up easier and faster:

  • Any 2da lines needed.
  • Screenshot from in game for use on the Vault page. Formats: .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tga
  • Portraits (if needed) of your new goody. Placeables and monsters should include a portrait.
  • Inventory icons (if needed) of your new goody.
  • Any credits you would like listed.
  • If this is your first entry, please tell me what name you would like your work listed under and provide a link to your other NWN content if you want that displayed as well (the link bit is totally optional).
  • Remember, the Challenge is all about fun, sharing, creativity, and surprise!

This thread is for all sorts of discussion about this month’s theme: ideas for things to make, questions/concerns, announcement of what you intend to make, screenshots of work in progress and/or finished projects.

If you want to discuss the Monthly Custom Content Challenge idea as a whole or wish to submit ideas/themes for future monthly Challenges, please post in its thread here - Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions.

When submitting a new theme, please provide a title and short summary of the theme.

If you have a technical question about some custom content creation, please create a separate thread so that the answers can be found later by anyone, not just people interested in this Challenge.

We’ll try to help!

Have no fear and join the fun!

And finally, you can:

Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions.
Vote 4 for January’s theme.
Email content to:


For those who may not be aware, there is an entire series of World of Darkness books set in the “Dark Ages”. For Example, Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade is set in 1461 and is similar to Ars Magica in that both are based on Hermeticism. An easy way to think of Hermetic Magic is the real-world magical philosophy that AD&D style magic is based on. In addition to Vampire: the Dark Ages, there is also a Dark Age setting for Werewolves and Fae.

Modern ages is also an option! But @Grymlorde is right, there is also a Dark Ages setting. I only bring up the Modern Ages option because I believe there is a PW Server being made right now that revolves around WoD: Modern Nights.

I’m certain any assets are welcomed with open arms there!

I’m not about to turn any away from here either!


It exist a very large comunity of WOD, with thousands of convertibles content from Bloodlines mods, some links:

Can download some .obj from here

Some HQ mods from Bloodlines.

Here explains how to extract assets from Bloodlines to Blender.

And this, is only the vampire’s part. WOD is a very extensive world with Mages, Mummies, Faeries, Werewolves, Wraiths, etc… all of them with their own social structure.

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@Tarot_Redhand - I think you meant to put January 1st, 2022 not December 1st 2021 :wink:

A ccc on a holiday month?.. muahaha (demonic ghostly laugh) :smiley:

@Rumata The deviantArt page (“VTMB Female PCs”) that you linked to doesn’t have the models illustrated. They are supposed to be accessible on another site. Unfortunately the download button on that site does nothing, it does not work.


the PlanetVampire link is well outdated. The version of Blender linked to is years out of date which means the tutorials have at best limited use.


Nexus mods is slightly more promising except that it will take a lot of searching to find anything useful as any files that look interesting will in all probability be in an XPS/XNA format which will have to be converted. As those formats are not part of the list of import formats for the current version of Blender it would mean searching the web for an import plugin that works with the current version of Blender.

Thanks for your input though.


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Anyone doing anything or planning on doing anything for this month’s challenge?


I’m not very familiar with the source material but I have a couple of experimental vampires and ghosts using ghoul animations and Karpad highheel walk animations if that is within context. I have to wait for holiday break to clean it up though.


I hesitate to pre-announce. . . but I’ve just started collaborating on a module with my son that hopefully will be in this month’s challenge.

It’s based on Wraith: The Oblivion. The premise of the module is that you wake up dead and need to figure out how and why you died while avoiding the spectres who wish to drag you down into the black spiral labyrinth. Success could mean resurrection, redemption, eternal life, oblivion, or eternal damnation. We’ve got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

The only promise I’m making right now is that we’re going to try to pull this off.


While I congratulate you on starting this module and wish you all the best for it, it is not ccc material. The ccc is there to promote the creation of things builders can add to their modules. In other words anything NwN except for whole modules. Now, if you create something such as a script system, for example, that can be used by others, during the work you put into the making of your module then that would be acceptable for this ccc.

Thanks for showing interest.


@Tarot_Redhand I don’t know why you can’t download it, but I download it, and uploaded to, here the link:

My Blender Skills are very rooky yet, and I can’t do something with quality, but I can search and apport world of darkness models to open with blender.


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Thanks - I can download your link, but not the old one.

Can download from the new link and the models are in obj format too. Depending on the complexity (how many triangles and vertices) all that would be needed would be for someone who knows about getting creatures into the game. In modelling I have only done placeables.


So I got a couple of base creatures: A Ghost and a Vampire there will probably a couple more variants and all will have male counterparts.

I still need to dress them up. All models will have different outfits (not naked) and not just recolors. Probably different heads too.

I’m accepting theme-relevant outfit suggestions


Looking good. Sorry I can’t help you with the look though as I know absolutely nothing about the setting. So I went on dA and found this picture of a vampire noble that might help. I think google images was less helpful. This is the result of Searching for “world of darkness game art



What would be nice, would be to have ghost and vampire versions of the vanilla assets (commoner, shopkeeper, noble, etc.). That allows for some dramatic reveals like a town that turns into vampires at night. Or a world of the dead like what I’m working on.

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I’ll be sure to export anything which might be of use to other builders.


I like this. I can probably do the original content prostitutes and beggars. since they are more likely to be afflicted.