Custom Content Challenge: February 2019: Mirror, mirror on the wall

Yeah I like dla display case (group that originally made) so I fixed the bounding box and other issue on it. Added Dla purple Empty display case and improved it (fixed all pivot errors, pwk errors) Improved it by making the glass activate / deactivate. With the case set to not static, set to deactivated then stock the empty case with any placable item and see it placement. When you are done, switch the case back to default or activated. You can make it back to static if it just for display. You could leave non-static if pc were going to break the glass or have some other interaction with the display case. The placable items in the case must be static to seen under the glass in game. Set items to .53-.56 (.54 seem the best) on height for best results. In my hr base

Anyhow love the white cloth variant texture, love if you send to me so I can add it to the other display cases.

Put mirrors on the “back” side of the cases, so buyers can see the back part of items in the case. Viola! mirrored cases. Cases with mirrors like that are often used in real life for jewelry display.

Sure thing @ShadowM, It looks the same but the internal structures are different though. I like less files so I smoosh things (object and textures) together for convenience (its all perfectly workable). I’ll send you some samples and custom textures to tinker with.
Checking the static box in the toolset makes the things inside disappear.

If you set my display cases to de-activated you see them in the toolset and you can see them in game. If you set the display case to not static the glass does not cause you character model to disappear when you look through the case glass at the model.

check these out and see if you can do something with it:

Thanks just need the one texture. :slight_smile: love the wood variants also. sorry to semi-derail the topic.

I can make things look real pretty, but I have yet to learn how to do the activation, animation and all those other things, which conveniently, I found you have posted some tutorials on, so thank you for that :grinning:

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IDEA: Script that makes mirror image of PC and enitre room by exchanging left and right body/armor parts andmoving placeables by symmetry. Maybe go as far as cloning entire area and flipping it?
Maybe creating mirror-twin (optionally evil).

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But does it add a goatee to the mirror-twin, so you know it’s evil?

Is this just for mirrors or are you looking for placeables and random stuff

Anything that fits that description. So that would be placeables and inventory items (with models) including holdable items.


Final versions sent in. :+1:


For my sent submission, I only made 1 mirror but used it on almost everything…

the giant mirror is lootable but it also has a placeable counterpart


That’s actually a mirrored pair of cat statues…



Thought that I would bump this as it is now available to download.


crap i did make a mirror for this and forgot all about it. I’ll email it when i get home.

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