Custom Content Challenge - February 2022 : Shops and Shopkeepers

I hope you got the email confirming that I’ve got the archive.

got it

Tarocchi, I may have problems sending finished material before March 1st, a busy week between work and family.

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Assuming you mean me (TR is fine BTW), no sweat I often give a week’s grace afterwards anyway. If you need more time than that, pm me and we’ll work something out.


Tarot translated into Italian is Tarocchi, sorry, I wrote that by mistake.

I was planning on adding things for the modern, like soda cans, ice cream cones, liquor bottles, donuts, burgers, chips, cigarette packs, cocktails, but unfortunately time doesn’t allow it, I’ll probably do an update later in time because of this.

This is to make you understand how tidy I am. All scattered on the ground, even if the result is the important thing, @Tarot_Redhand , probably by tomorrow I can send.

let’s make the game spicy.


Where did you find the writing desk?

Maybe CEP? I have to check.

Send it @Tarot_Redhand

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Thanks. I’ve seen it is at last in CEP 1.

It’s in CEP 2.

@Tarot_Redhand Am I still in time to add something else?

Certainly. Been busy last couple of days so haven’t even got around to making this ccc thread. So go for it.


And it is now up. Get it here.


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