Custom Content Challenge - January 2023 Poll

Custom Content Challenge - January 2023 Poll
  • Arcana of the Ancients
  • Cutscene Helpers
  • Deserted Island
  • Fail
  • Inspired by Classic Video Games
  • Make Some Noise, Play Elegant Music
  • Planar Invasion
  • Prefab Plus
  • Primitive Civilizations
  • The world of Tolkien

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Arcana of the Ancients

In 2013 was a new RPG named “Numenera” 2 released. The campaign world is the earth one billion years in the future where powerful technologies of the past world are discovered and used by the people but are more or less viewed as magic. Its a bizarre, strange and totally awesome setting and spawned even a computer game. A cool introductory video to the setting can be found here. Now there is a supplement called “Arcana of the Ancients” 1 for D&D where the Science-Fantasy spirit is taken to D & D campaigns and even a conversion of Numenera for D&D 2. This offers plenty of possibilities for cool stuff like: Sci-Fantasy weaponery, Cyphers, Creatures, Automatons (Robots), Ancient Machinery, Vehicles like Submarines, Ships etc, etc etc. or even whole tilesets of strange dimensions.

Cutscene Helpers

Increase the flexibility of cut-scenes by creating things specifically for use in them. Invisible walls that can have other placeable objects attached to them similar to portraits hung on regular walls. Black walls with window/keyhole/etc. shapes cut into them to look through with the camera. Prefabs that only require assigning the roles. Tilesets that mimic existing Bioware areas but remove/move walls and features to increase the number of potential camera positions. Skinnable walls that mimic beds, floors, etc. for top-down camera angles. (Been thinking about this last suggestion for a while. I would definitely add to it a new set of scripts that are easier to use with less idiosyncrasies. This is not to diss the ing_cutscene routines but they are hardly intuitive.)

Deserted Island

In the style of Robinson Crusoe and Mysterious Island, this theme is about sparsely inhabited islands, particularly in a Caribbean-like setting. It could feature palm tree beaches, rocky promontories, wooden huts, coral reefs, primitive island forest, cave openings, head hunters, pirates, buried treasure, log & coconut rafts, shipwrecks, salvaged gear, wild pigs, aquatic races, shrunken heads, turtles, sharks, tropical rainfall, straw hats, and skimpy, heavily worn outfits with sunburned skin.


We have a little stuff about failures, so could a wizard fail a summon spell to bring about a horde of useless, weak but annoying demons? Or what would happen if a warrior failed to bash a door? Could a monk break his hand if he failed his attack? Also, we must not forget about potions, could improperly mixed potions enlarge drinkers head or make him fart uncontrollably? Or just cause extreme itching? Could a failure on pick lock break the lock so the locked object is stuck and must be bashed? Could a trap or fireball explode to users face if he fails placing/casting?

Inspired by Classic Video Games

Build something from, or inspired by, another video game! Sky’s the limit! Make a suit of clothing and cloak that resembles Mario or Luigi. Perhaps model Cloud’s Buster Sword from FF7. A Hylian shield from the Legend of Zelda. Create the classic Imp monster from Doom, complete with fireball throwing. No room for Halo here (too modern). Dust off your old Earthworm Jim cartridge and make that “Queen Slug-For-A-Butt” model you’ve always been dreaming about. Script out your own Lost Woods maze from Legend of Zelda, or maybe make a new 3d model for ol’ King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Go Greco-Roman werewolf with Altered Beast.

Make Some Noise, Play Elegant Music

Yes, we need new food for our (pointed) ears… Are you bored, always earing the same wind sounds or that awful battle music for the 827th time ? This is your opportunity to enlarge the Nwn soundscape. Get your audacity, your microphone and recorder ready, or grab some public domain samples and, to the works… Nature, civilisation, magic and weird noises, frightening sounds, voices, great music (medieval, modern, symphonic, etc.) abound… There is a whole sonic world out there, we can capture and adapt to our favorite game. But please, if you use others works, do verify these are not commercial and always provide artists names references and original tune or sound names.

Planar Invasion

What if fiends decided to invade en masse? Or angels got sick of mortal sins? Earth elementals carved new resources? Fire elementals slaves? Or just some interplanar empire found “backwater” world? Conjunction threw some world together?

Prefab Plus

How about a prefab challenge? Participants make a single prefab area either from an existing tileset - either vanilla or custom. The only caveat would be that any custom tileset used has to be hosted on the Vault. Optionally, someone savvy with 3D modelling could make a mini-tileset to host their area. The prefab area should be all setup with tricks, traps, monsters, etc. so that any Builder wishing to use it can just drop it into their module. Editor’s Note - Areas can include custom content created specifically for the submitted prefab area.

Primitive Civilizations

Bone, stone weapons and armour, crude ironworks. Creatures with tribal tattoos. Huts of all kind (primitive). Tribal ceremonial items.

The world of Tolkien

I’m assuming pretty much everyone is familiar with the works of Tolkien. His stuff has been a huge influence on the creation of D&D and it would be great to pay tribute to this in the game of NWN. Submissions could include anything from new creatures and character models (Uruk Hai, Gollum, Shelob, Giant Eagles, Balrog), weapons and armour (Gondor armour, Sting, Glamdring, Narsil), iconic locations and tilesets (the Prancing Pony Inn, Weathertop, Rivendell, Hobbitton), portraits, scripts - whatever. There’s plenty of scope for creation, something which should suit modders of all abilities.

New this month are “Deserted Island”, “Fail” and “The world of Tolkien”.




The winner is “Deserted Island”.