Custom Content Challenge - July 2022 Poll

Custom Content Challenge - July 2022 Poll
  • Common Stuff and Salvage
  • Cutscene Helpers
  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • Not of This Time
  • Primitive Civilizations
  • Thieves World/Nehwon Mythos
  • Things That Should Not Be
  • Treasure rooms and legendary hoards
  • Weird West
  • Welcome to Golarion

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Common Stuff and Salvage

Things like cups, wagons, lanterns and such. Also it could contain pitchfork and some farming tools as weapons. Also improvised items or common items with unusual use (bashing cups, door or table shield, sword made from plough or guillotine axe. Placeables like table campfire door from shield or table, table from door or shield with axes, junk huts. At last junk armours, who wanna to wear door armour or put helmet? We also have a shields on straps. Oh and I forgot about some scavengers and junk creations.)

Cutscene Helpers

Increase the flexibility of cutscenes by creating things specifically for use in them. Invisible walls that can have other placeable objects attached to them similar to portraits hung on regular walls. Black walls with window/keyhole/etc. shapes cut into them to look through with the camera. Prefabs that only require assigning the roles. Tilesets that mimic existing Bioware areas but remove/move walls and features to increase the number of potential camera positions. Skinnable walls that mimic beds, floors, etc. for top-down camera angles. (Been thinking about this last suggestion for a while. I would definitely add to it a new set of scripts that are easier to use with less idiosyncrasies. This is not to diss the ing_cutscene routines but they are hardly intuitive.)

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

This 1980 S3 module was written by Gary Gygax and featured strong science fiction elements. It introduced several new monsters, such as vegepygmies*, froghemoth, alien plants, androids, and various police and worker robots. Additional gear available to the players include blaster rifles, laser pistols, powered armour, anti-grav belts, and sleep gas grenades. Finally there is the ship itself, which included sci-fi furniture, control panels, and all sorts of weird machines and devices; there’s plenty of potential for a sci-fi tileset. The module itself was well illustrated, providing numerous examples.

Primitive Civilizations

Bone, stone weapons and armour, crude ironworks. Creatures with tribal tattoos. Huts of all kind (primitive). Tribal ceremonial items.

Not of This Time

Creatures and objects from the distant past and distant future brought into the current time, where they really don’t belong. Could include things like distant dragon ancestors, ancient more feral and bestial version of orcs, ****** erectus or neanderthals, maybe some fae halfway transformed intro and elves or some giant squids and snakes, mindflayers as time travellers, time portals, etc.

Thieves World/Nehwon Mythos

Content based on Tales of the Vulgar Unicorn Series (and could potentially include Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser Nehwon Mythos, as similar/related genre).

Things That Should Not Be

Fear and Madness - Content inspired by themes of insanity and total terror. Hallucination VFX, scripted sanity systems, monsters based on Lovecraft mythos. Possibly improve the fear effect so that characters struck with fear drop their weapons, and sanity checks when monsters are seen to determine if you become a babbling idiot. VFX that cause the players screen to flip around. Terrifying ghosts and spirits rather than just textured player models. Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland (American McGee’s for darker themes), Fatal Frame series, System Shock, Alan Wake, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Clive Barker’s works, The Cell, and many others.

Treasure rooms and legendary hoards

Every module need some sort of treasure room or glittering hoard to motivate and reward hard working players… These special places not only contain strange magnificent artifacts, platinum full chests or gem mountains, but also deadly mischievous traps, incredibly hard to solve puzzles or very very special guardian monsters (beware, here be dragons, or other extremely rare creatures). Yeah, treasure rooms are important dungeon highlights, so usually you need something exquisite, awe-inspiring and highly rewarding. You better forget the standard gold chest for something special, don’t you think? Well, this theme is about all you can imagine and make that relates with a treasure room. Be it devious secret access, legendary items, treasure placeables (new gem models, crowns, scepters, miniatures…), special protecting traps, gorgeous new containers, shiny ornaments, decoys and cursed items, unique weaponry and armor, powerful magic protection, colourful NPCs, mighty guardian creatures, prefabs, etc. etc.

Weird West

The wild, wild west of cowboy fame. But not just vanilla spaghetti western: a western setting with horror and magic elements. Fire elemental-powered locomotives, undead Indians, magic gold panning, +4 gatling guns, haunted saloons, half-orc prostitutes, demonic telegraph switches, arcane aliens, etc.

Welcome to Golarion

There are many other D20 games that have been published across the years. One setting and system in particular have a large fan base. I speak of the Pathfinder RPG and their default campaign setting of Golarion. I think much of the content in Golarion and the Pathfinder RPG would be right at home in NWN. Creature models like the Denizens of Leng, Rune Giants, Aeons, Div, and their version of Goblins would make interesting foes. Magic items and placeables to reflect to appearance of Golarions culture. Tilesets to help craft specific places like their Vaults, Ruins of Azlant, and other famous places. New spells and feats to take on the new challenges. Prefab cities and dungeons to use when crafting adventures. Perhaps even some home brew adventures in Golarion or even conversions of their Adventure Paths. New player models to build their Iconic Characters for use as PCs or NPCs. I think the material from the Golarion setting and the Pathfinder RPG would make NWN even greater.

New this month is “Treasure rooms and legendary hoards”


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Things That Should Not Be


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