Custom Content Challenge - July 2022 : Things That Should Not Be

The theme for this month’s challenge: “Things That Should Not Be”

Things That Should Not Be

Fear and Madness - Content inspired by themes of insanity and total terror. Hallucination VFX, scripted sanity systems, monsters based on Lovecraft mythos. Possibly improve the fear effect so that characters struck with fear drop their weapons, and sanity checks when monsters are seen to determine if you become a babbling idiot. VFX that cause the players screen to flip around. Terrifying ghosts and spirits rather than just textured player models. Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland (American McGee’s for darker themes), Fatal Frame series, System Shock, Alan Wake, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Clive Barker’s works, The Cell, and many others.

This theme was suggested by Carcerian and The Mad Poet (a combination of similar themes suggested by both Carcerian and The Mad Poet).


  • It must be fully working in game.
  • Use of vanilla NWN or publicly available texture is fine. Just remember that NWN textures must have dimensions in powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.).
  • Teamwork is welcome.
  • Beginners most welcome. Don’t be afraid, just try, you’ll be surprised!
  • “Custom Content” includes many sorts of things: models, scripts, prefabs (areas, items, creatures, conversations, quests, etc.), sounds, portraits, or anything else new for the game.
  • All submissions must be finished, working, and emailed to (or a non-Vault link provided) by July 1st, 2022. Sooner than that is perfectly fine too. :wink:

Some things you could include in the download/email that would make packaging everything up easier and faster:

  • Any 2da lines needed.
  • Screenshot from in game for use on the Vault page. Formats: .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tga
  • Portraits (if needed) of your new goody. Placeables and monsters should include a portrait.
  • Inventory icons (if needed) of your new goody.
  • Any credits you would like listed.
  • If this is your first entry, please tell me what name you would like your work listed under and provide a link to your other NWN content if you want that displayed as well (the link bit is totally optional).
  • Remember, the Challenge is all about fun, sharing, creativity, and surprise!

This thread is for all sorts of discussion about this month’s theme: ideas for things to make, questions/concerns, announcement of what you intend to make, screen-shots of work in progress and/or finished projects.

If you want to discuss the Monthly Custom Content Challenge idea as a whole or wish to submit ideas/themes for future monthly Challenges, please post in its thread here - Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions.

When submitting a new theme, please provide a title and short summary of the theme.

If you have a technical question about some custom content creation, please create a separate thread so that the answers can be found later by anyone, not just people interested in this Challenge.

We’ll try to help!

Have no fear and join the fun!

And finally, you can:

Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions.
Vote for August’s theme.
Email content to:


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Things that should not be: Pizza with pineapple on it.


Spawn of Kyuss

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How come no one has ever modelled one of classic British Sci-Fi writing’s most famous creatures?
Is it because of the “tripod” movement syle? Or is the poisonous whip-like stinger in the stalk too hard to do?
A shame if that’s the case.


Consider me another who’d be up for a Triffid. Or a Shoggoth. Still don’t have one of those, though I’ve Ideas on how to get one to work.

I had a few ideas and had an… Interesting idea to get a critter from Ark over to NWN. Not a model port, moreso remaking it in NWN like my manticores. Unfortunately I’ve got an event from the 11th of July, so no time for the good ol’ Mecheon last minute

But I had a dang brilliant/silly idea to get a Karkinos going, so I hope to give it a shot (provided the bebelith’s model behaves, I see why no one has ever really done much with this)

That’s a great idea. I’ll do it!

They are absolutely everywhere and there is nothing you can do!

If I find the time I’ll map this onto an ooze creature :rofl:


Pizza Golem!!!


Looks like a colourised version of UFOs from a 1950s Sci-Fi movie.


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So, anyone else making something for this? No? What, not even a Deep Fried Mars bar? “Pardon?”. Well it’s definitely something that should not be (but is) and most of the rest of the world regards as utter madness. Just a (warped) thought :crazy_face: .


I was thinking it would be interesting to have particular zombies, with pieces of body attacked incorrectly, arm instead of head, head instead of feet or hands, legs instead of arms. I don’t know if I can do this, but if anyone wants to use the idea go ahead

That Pizza golem’s eye resembles that of The Crawling Eye, wich must count as a Thing That Should Not Be.

Roughly halfway through the challenge. Anyone else got anything?


Two thirds of the way through the month and this challenge is awfully quiet.


Hello @Tarot_Redhand I have an idea for this topic which I thought would be in reach at the beginning of the month. I even went so far as to invest an entire $1 Murican in a month of Zenva to learn a bit about Blender. :grin:

Sadly and predictably, entanglements over on the Prime Mundane plane have jammed me pretty hard. If I can get a rough draft in by the end of the month, maybe I can take an incomplete & solicit advice on where I get stuck? :wink:

Yes but I may not be able to help if it’s a 3D model of some sort. Other people will more than likely help you on that.


I have come across a small number of PS brushes that claim to have something to do with the Cthulhu mythos. I wouldn’t know, never having read any of the stories. Amongst them there is what I can only describe as a bad protective magic circle. It is bad in that the lines have breaks in them thus not providing any real protection. Anyway, I’ll submit this circle for this challenge as I haven’t got anything else. Here is the created texture but note the pale checkerboard pattern in this image replaces the transparency in the actual placeable -

Also I have 6 small circles that may be of use for placing on the covers of large books or something if anyone wants to use them -







Here is a 7zip archive containing the actual images (in png format) that have transparency instead of the checkerboard.

July.7z (295.7 KB)



Thanks @Tarot_Redhand . I did mean it for the assemblage of those reading the group since lots of folks seem to have the 3D modeling chops. Events in the mortal realm since I last wrote have probably made it a moot point this month anyway, but we shall see. :wink:

I’ve read most if not all of the stories. IIRC & unlike Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft didn’t create runes as part of his setting. His signature technique was the weird pronunciation written in the standard English alphabet such as the name, “Cthulhu.” So it’s open to creative interpretation, really.

Also I seemed to have trouble unzipping the archive because it downloaded with a space in the name so my system saw it as two files & 7zip balked:

circles png.7z

Try it now. FWIW, I had to create a new version of the archive before this forum would actualy change the name of it for downloading purposes.