Custom Content Challenge: June 2018: Monsters from Asian Mythology

@meaglyn - again, great minds and all. I’ve poured through all my editions of the G and D series and even the final Queen of the Demonweb pits and I cannot find it.

Monster & Treasure Assortment Set Two: Levels 4–6.

Talk about obscure! Now I can sleep peacefully tonight. Man, I am such an Old School D&D geek!

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You aren’t the only one Grymlorde. I started playing DnD back in 1976. It is my favorite game of all time.

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Glad to see I’m not the only grognard around here. I started with the white box in 1977.

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Nope, got hooked in 1979 with the 1st edition, I won’t say what grade I was in high school when I got h started. Still got all my modules, and all my figures From Grenadier Models (learned to hand paint them too)

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That’s odd. Because while the picture is indeed in there in the sets 1-3 compendium, it’s not next to the hydra of ten heads entry. A 10 headed hydra appears as entry 100 for the level 8, with no picture underneath. The ogre magi appear underneath entry 100 of the 4th level tables, with 4th level appropriate entries.

Good catch. Must be from a printing I don’t have.

Here’s a little progress update from a cc noob… nine tailed fox girl…

Shes basically a frankenstein monster:

  • the head is heavily edited from Shemsu-Heru’s barbarian female creature.
  • the hands and feet are from Gunner
  • Assassin Animation from ACP
  • Tails, ears, and everything else are created by me based on original content

also considering making all her parts into armor pieces

The outfit is not final, probably going to be a pelvis skirt, if i can finish it…
thoughts? suggestions?


Sumo ogres! sounds fun to make, I’ll give it a shot


I Frankensteined a hill giant and hooked him up with some swoll body parts I made, and slapped him on a half orc base. Gonna have to wart up his skin texture and turn him into a full creature later.

I still haven’t completely figured out the manual creature scaling but the half orc size should be decently intimidating. Probably gonna add a rope obi and prints on pants. I’ll try to replicate the pics above.


Fox-girl looks good except for the tails which look kinda rigid.

A pair of Qilin creatures made from free models at “”. They use horse’s animations an have been added to the tail list, in order to be used as mounts. However I haven’t been able to mount then with the mount actions menu. I never have worked with mounts before so maybe I have miss something like a script or something…



@Shemsu-Heru to make a custom mount, you need to set variables on the template. It’s usually sufficient to flag it as a mount (int bX3_IS_MOUNT = 1) , specifying the tail number (int X3_HORSE_TAIL) and the footstep (int X3_HORSE_FOOTSTEP). The Bioware scripts should then mount and dismount.

If you need any help, let me know.

EDIT - that link is to the section “Custom Mounts”. On some devices, it might take you further down the page, for reasons unknown. There’s an index at the top of the page.

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Thank you Proleric I’ll try that…

shemsu, you are going to bloat my personal hakpak even more. Im going to turn that dragon head into a hat for myself in the future. Love your work so much You got me wanting to actually do custom content

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Ok so I found shemsu_Heru had an Oni head in one of his old stuff so after messing with it…behold … Oni Rainbow!
also thanks to whoever made that really big orc (The Dremolaria Project?) in the CEP. I used your bones for my Oni


the tail has danglymesh but no bones ( its pelvis bound), so it sways with the wind but does not wag

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Foo Lion creature make from a free model at - It uses the sphinx animations.