Custom Content Challenge - June 2021 Poll

Custom Content Challenge - June 2021 Poll
  • Dark Arts
  • Colonial Times
  • Skyboxes
  • Arthurian Legend
  • Statues
  • As a Walled Garden is my House
  • Fly me to the Moon
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Supermarionation is Go!

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Dark Arts
I think it would be nice to do some things for demon/devil cults and necromancer lairs. Things like militated sacrifices, corpses in the middle of the autopsy, gruesome decorations, incomplete undead chained to wall, etc.

Colonial Times
Content that would help a builder bring NWN into the time period of the colonial era and Revolutionary War. Possible examples might be forts, cannons, muskets, clothing and uniforms, blockhouses, printing presses, and flags.

New skyboxes - pretty self explanatory.

Arthurian Legend
Content inspired by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

There is a pretty limited offering of statue placeables, busts, and so on. Let’s make some more. Non modelers could script some devious traps that animate the statues or deliver harsh punishment to those unfortunate enough to disturb the statues.

As a Walled Garden is my House
Walls (could be placeable, could be expanded tilesets) that would allow us to surround noble residences, palaces and suchlike with something that does not look like built by orcs or is about to crumble. Also placeable walls matching the existing tilesets - both interior walls, to subdivide, and exterior “enclosure” type walls* for more versatile, harmonius use and placing at odd places and various angles.

Fly me to the Moon
Lunar themed objects, tilesets, creatures for modern, fantasy or sci-fi settings!

Magic: The Gathering
Creatures, objects, spells, and more inspired by the game.

Once Upon a Time
Content inspired by various Disney movies and other fairy tales. Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, Aladdin, etc. (This one is similar to April 2012’s “Folk Tales & Myths”. However, it specifically mentions certain stories that were adapted by Disney studios and seems to be geared toward “lighter” aesthetics than the older theme went for.)

Supermarionation is Go!
Autumn 2015 was the 50th anniversary of the 60’s hit TV show “Thunderbirds”. So I think it is time to have a CCC covering all (well maybe not Terrahawks :stuck_out_tongue: ) of Gerry Anderson’s puppet shows from “Four Feather Falls” up to and including “Joe 90”. There are the vehicles, the clothes, the characters, the locations (Tracy Island anyone), the sounds, etc. At a pinch, I suppose you could include his live action shows as well (but not the awful live action Thunderbirds movie).


Once upon a time people used to leave comments in the thread accompanying the poll, detailing why they voted. Cest la vie. Oh and 1 week exactly to go too.


Whose vote is worth 1% more than that of others? Four votes for Colonial Times make 18% while four votes for Once Upon a Time only 17%. I smell a conspiracy here! :wink:

Seems to be 17% each now.

Too many letters. Sure wish people would use an avatar instead. Or do they not look in general natter where this pinned thread sits - A Short Tour of These Forums. OK, so some things have changed since that was written but…


Last reminder for this poll. Closes in just a few hours now. Anyone want to try to break the stalemate at the top? Otherwise June will have a dual theme.


I suppose Supermarionation will have to wait for one or two months… :wink: Stingrayyy! Stingray !!! :slight_smile:

Nah, 5 months like -






Supermarionation is Go!


see, my brain just went to that and saw “Super Mario Nation”

so I just went “Oh, video games”