Custom Content Challenge - March 2022 : Kids

The theme for this month’s challenge: Kids


While scaling has helped a little with older kids, there really aren’t enough kid models and kid “stuff” in the game. Kids are an important part of a lot of great adventures. They can be innocent bystanders, eager wards and apprentices, and even super creepy villains.

This theme was suggested by Urk.


  • It must be fully working in game.
  • Use of vanilla NWN or publicly available texture is fine. Just remember that NWN textures must have dimensions in powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.).
  • Teamwork is welcome.
  • Beginners most welcome. Don’t be afraid, just try, you’ll be surprised!
  • “Custom Content” includes many sorts of things: models, scripts, prefabs (areas, items, creatures, conversations, quests, etc.), sounds, portraits, or anything else new for the game.
  • All submissions must be finished, working, and emailed to (or a non-Vault link provided) by December 1st, 2021. Sooner than that is perfectly fine too. :wink:

Some things you could include in the download/email that would make packaging everything up easier and faster:

  • Any 2da lines needed.
  • Screenshot from in game for use on the Vault page. Formats: .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tga
  • Portraits (if needed) of your new goody. Placeables and monsters should include a portrait.
  • Inventory icons (if needed) of your new goody.
  • Any credits you would like listed.
  • If this is your first entry, please tell me what name you would like your work listed under and provide a link to your other NWN content if you want that displayed as well (the link bit is totally optional).
  • Remember, the Challenge is all about fun, sharing, creativity, and surprise!

This thread is for all sorts of discussion about this month’s theme: ideas for things to make, questions/concerns, announcement of what you intend to make, screenshots of work in progress and/or finished projects.

If you want to discuss the Monthly Custom Content Challenge idea as a whole or wish to submit ideas/themes for future monthly Challenges, please post in its thread here - Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions.

When submitting a new theme, please provide a title and short summary of the theme.

If you have a technical question about some custom content creation, please create a separate thread so that the answers can be found later by anyone, not just people interested in this Challenge.

We’ll try to help!

Have no fear and join the fun!

And finally, you can:

Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions.
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Email content to:


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No idea, something less civilized than the existing models for an unpleasant wellcome? Like the Wallace siblings in Pumpkinhead

MV5BYTllMjg1ODAtN2MzNC00NzEzLTgzNTQtMmRiYjEyZTdhZWI5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzQ1NjgzOTA@.V1.jpg (1920×1038) (

I have never seen that picture but I think I have those kids in my game already :smiley:
I guess this is the right month to release them


Couple of thoughts. At a quick look and AFAIK there is only one child’s toy in the entirety of all the CCC so far -


Placeable/Item - Monkey toy (and I quote “It’s sooooo cuuuuuute”) from

Custom Content Challenge 2012 Jun - Animals

So I reckon we could do with some more. Even a retexture of Monkey Fuss would be good. FWIW the February 2012 CCC is supposed to contain a toy by @Shemsu-Heru but it doesn’t have an obvious picture on the project page for that month.

the other thing is - @Stonehammer do you know if those kids can be reclothed (e.g. Lisa’s Clothes Horse HotU Padded)? Not essential but it would be nice.



In medieval times many games were carved in wood, we could easily resize statues or animals and paste a wood texture, it would also be nice to make them playable.
Another thing you could do is create new heads and models for halflings and create new children, humans and half-orcs and dynamic orcs and all the other races that come to mind.

Just a thought: I remember there being a hobby horse item, but I don’t remember kids actually interacting with it. Might be a tall order, but unless it already exists, how about an animation for kids riding a hobby horse? Should be a popular game for children in a setting with knights / heroes on horses.

Something like this?

The position of the hobby horse in this example is a reference to mummers / morris but could be made more suitable for children.


Definitely. Having the shaft pierce the user’s navel is not a good look (unless for a horror/detective module - “Death on the Hobby Horse” (with apologies to Agatha Christy) mayhap) and might just send the kids playing screaming from the room. :innocent:


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Good that you reminded me. I made models for the 3 toy related miscellaneous small icons that anybody can drop and loot (pictured). I used the actual icon as textures so it is not very high resolution.

Absolutely (pictured). but would take some work with other model parts. Usually all my parts fit each other like lego blocks, but some are old and needs realigning.
Also the shirts pictured have not been child-sized, just resized adult shirts (hence the musculature).
I also made kid specific parts that are thinner and flatter than the regular halfling parts. I usually assemble the pieces before adding the kids animations on them.


There is a picture of a girl with a loop in the hair in “CCC Fairy Tales” (Alice?). Is it published already somewhere?

(incomplete) List of possible toys for this CCC -

Hoop - A wooden/metal (Barrel?) hoop. Rolled along the ground, propelled by use of a short straight stick applied to it’s top. About 2-3 feet in diameter.
Tops - Spinning toys used in conjunction with a short, straight stick with a short length of string. The string is used both to initiate rotation (wrap string around peg at top of top and pull sharply) of the top and to “encourage” it to keep rotating by whipping it at the side.
Simple Kites - First appeared in Europe in the 13th century. Introduced there by Marco Polo. Note Box Kites were much later.
Yo-Yo - This might be a bit of a stretch if you want to be historically accurate. Originally a weapon used by certain Polynesians.
Balls (no I’m not swearing :laughing:) - Round, objects made of leather/pigs bladder.

Other suggestions are welcome.


@Tarot_Redhand: That would be a lot of new animations on character models.

I would be just happy with some new character models, maybe new portraits. As for toys as placeable, there could be Balls (of course! And I’m talking of soccer which is known by south american indians since hundreds of years), maybe a rocking horse (which rocks), a teddybear and other cuddly puppets.

To bad that I’ve no idea, how to handle 3d

How about some accessoires for playing “monster”, which in a setting like D&D should be a pretty popular kids game? We have wooden swords for the hero, but what about ghastly masks, costumes etc. that would allow others to mimick a dragon or an orc or something? Maybe also a dragon made of wood that you could fight agains? Or, I don’t know, a small viking boat or something for kids to play seafaring adventurers?

Anyway, that’s just brainstorming for fun, nothing really necessary, as the best toy is still a kid’s imagination. And we do have orc and dragon heads for adults already.

But since we’re already talking about what would be cool yet a lot of work … :sweat_smile: I think the single most useful thing regarding children would be a dynamic body type of their own, along with some fitting (dyeable and freely combinable) clothes parts. The dynamic adult halfling bodies look rather inappropriate for kids, but the few non-dynamic kids models quickly make all children look the same. Dynamic, more neutral models without the muscles and adult parts, ideally with a range of new heads (although we already have a couple, I believe) and clothes to fit those bodies would allow for much more variety and individuality.

EDIT: I see Stonehammer already alluded to having thinner, flatter, kid-specific parts in store?

As a starting point for these, someone could look at the existing masks, costumes etc. in Witcher 3 ? Plenty there. (Not me obviously as I haven’t a clue how to do such a thing :roll_eyes: :grinning:)

Tree house?

A small wooden hut in a tree for kids, accessible with a ladder.

That picture with the five custom kids looking at the character sitting on the ground made me think he is there to amuse them, so he could try to use a puppet theatre placeable.
Also a Doll Golem such as Talking Tina, to serve as a guardian

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Sorry, it was a suggestion rather than asking what a tree house was :grinning:

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Oh, a puppet theatre placeable! That could be a fun item for breathing life into cities and towns, not just with regard to kids.

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I wonder if @quevy is up to making a holdable puppet thing, like the food :smiley:

That was the very first creature I ever made. I will update it and add to the pack


Yes, I need more practise.I hope I got the grammar right. :- :woozy_face:

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