Custom Content Challenge - March 2022 : Kids

Who said anything about animations? I only went into that level of detail in order to make clear what I was talking about. I was thinking about placeables for all except the ball and that should be relatively easy to do. Apart from the ball the only things that wouldn’t be placeables would be the two sticks (one with and one without string tied to the end).

Question - what do kids do with a piece of chalk in order to play a game?



In toolset and


In game. Kids added to give a sense of scale.



My imagination. If you are talking about a jojo, then I think it going up and down all the time. And spinning tops should be spinning, or not? But ok, you tried only to explain, how the thing works. But my imagination immediately starts. As static placeables it should be easy.

Two sticks attached with a string require a conic item (which is balanced with the string by spinning it)

IMO the fields on your hopping game are a bit too small.

:- :grinning:

He maybe has small feet . . . .? :sunglasses:

@Stonehammer I will try to do, my partner has started working again after the maternity period, my free time is even less now. Can you pass me the 3d model of the doll if you did it? Otherwise tell me where to find it?



@quevy Are you importing these for this CCC?


I found them when I posted, I don’t know if I can make it in time, today is the only free day I have, but I have to leave the house and I don’t know what time I’ll be back.

I will be late with my submissions (The weekend) because I have a few things a really wanted to add…

  • Other races children, as well as goblin, orc, and hill giant children (they will be new models from scratch and not resized adults)
  • Weaponry: I’m building a pillow weapon under the flail category and a staff using the stick horsey thing.
  • Whatever else my son thinks of during the weekend. :smiley:

That will give time to do one or more extra micro reviews then.


Sorry guys but I couldn’t do anything for this month. My little girl fell from the high chair and broke her collarbone

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Oh no! :worried:
Wishing you all the best!

First and more important, I hope she gets well soon.

Less important - I looked at those hobby horses and unfortunately they are in max format so a no-go for me.


still doing testing, goblin child with wings and tails enabled…


Color match original game creature skins… now somebody can make a forest Parent-Teacher meeting mod… fun.



It got a little more tedious than I thought it would, and the voices in my head kept making suggestions which did not help at all :laughing: but I managed to wrap up some things.
All creatures are new and distinct!

Submission sent.


And its up here.