Custom Content Challenge - May 2021 Poll

Your selection of choices for next month’s ccc.

Custom Content Challenge - May 2021 Poll
  • Dark Arts
  • Colonial Times
  • Skyboxes
  • Arthurian Legend
  • Statues
  • As a Walled Garden is my House
  • Eberron
  • Fly me to the Moon
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Baldur’s Gate and Offspring

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Dark Arts
I think it would be nice to do some things for demon/devil cults and necromancer lairs. Things like militated sacrifices, corpses in the middle of the autopsy, gruesome decorations, incomplete undead chained to wall, etc.

Colonial Times
Content that would help a builder bring NWN into the time period of the colonial era and Revolutionary War. Possible examples might be forts, cannons, muskets, clothing and uniforms, blockhouses, printing presses, and flags.

New skyboxes - pretty self explanatory.

Arthurian Legend
Content inspired by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

There is a pretty limited offering of statue placeables, busts, and so on. Let’s make some more. Non modelers could script some devious traps that animate the statues or deliver harsh punishment to those unfortunate enough to disturb the statues.

As a Walled Garden is my House
Walls (could be placeable, could be expanded tilesets) that would allow us to surround noble residences, palaces and suchlike with something that does not look like built by orcs or is about to crumble. Also placeable walls matching the existing tilesets - both interior walls, to subdivide, and exterior “enclosure” type walls* for more versatile, harmonius use and placing at odd places and various angles.

We had Darksun, Planescape, Ravenloft… let’s give our favourite magi-tech setting some love! We now have some dynamic Warforged to go with this theme, so I feel that having some placeable skycoaches or other objects related to this setting would be pretty cool.

Fly me to the Moon
Lunar themed objects, tilesets, creatures for modern, fantasy or sci-fi settings!

Magic: The Gathering
Creatures, objects, spells, and more inspired by the game.

Baldur’s Gate and Offspring
Content from the beloved games of the past, be it the Baldur’s Gate Series, the Icewind Dale Series or Planescape: Torment. Help recreate some of the nostalgic flair of the incredible artwork of the best RPG games that captured our imagination for hours on end.

Poll ends at midnight (BST) 30th April 2021


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If Baldur’s Gate wins, I can finally drop my companions creatures :smiley: