Custom Content Challenge - May 2022 : "Ice Age"

In the vein of the recent posts, anyone fancy making a giant acorn?


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Stuff is coming. I need to learn how to animate in Gmax, it causes errors in the editors sometimes but, it is coming


I’m excited about this!!

Just a thought but placeable versions of the creatures would be good too for museums and trophy rooms as examples of taxidermy.



Just a reminder - one week left.


I’m streaming progress off and on on Twitch, and lemme tell you, things are certainly Happening.(Ignore scale, they need to be adjusted)

Now, unfortunately the rhino’s become a bit of a menace so I maaaay need a guinea pig to help test, and the giant sloth decided to be a bit troublesome, but stuff’s coming

(And yeah, may need some experts on the skinmesh side, this rhino’s troublesome)


So now the Megaloceros is deciding to crash, but, the Titanis is at least solid. And hey, the rhino’s decided to cooperate now! Plus Titanis brought a friend. Nothing is scaled correctly, all scale is incorrect, but, things are happening

Still hoping for more along the way. May be a bit late if I figure I can squeeze something else in…


Good news! Got a sloth on the way

Bad news: I’m getting inconsistent crashes on these regularly and need a guinea pig for testing. So uh, if you’re good diagnosing issues, lemme know?

Not me. I am only taking very faltering steps with 3D modelling. I have recently encountered a glitch with a model that was almost identical to a number of others. In the end I simply ditched this particular one. The glitch crashed the game and produced an error message in the toolset so it had to go.


Figured out the issue, and the issue is “1.69 cannot handle these, you need EE”

It’ll be a bit late, but, there’s more on their way. Hopefully two more for South American critters, at least one pachyderm, hopefully one more rhino, a good ol’ monke (Though laying the ground work for a future one…) and a pair of Australian menaces


This post has theme music. If you know, you know.

16 new creature appearances. I MAY HAVE OVERDONE IT

It is submitted. I now sleep


And it’s up here - Custom Content Challenge - May 2022 : Ice Age | The Neverwinter Vault