Custom Content Challenge - New Broom

As you may notice from the current poll, there is a new person in charge of the ccc. Me. Currently I am in the process of building a more complete list of possible challenges from previous suggestions. I have got what is probably all I can find both here and via the wayback machine. My next task is to go through them all and remove those that have been used for the monthly challenges. The furthest back I have gone is 2014 which is apparently the last time that @TheAmethystDragon posted their lists -

As far as I know I have managed to capture all the suggestions made after this list so some that were never used and appear on that list will not appear in the list of possible suggestions that I will work from. Mainly because I only have the names to go on. Of course nothing is stopping you from re-suggesting them (but please give me time to get my master list sorted before you do…).

Finally, don’t forget that you can see a current list of all the challenges (and their contents) in the
CCC Catalogue I maintain.



Minor update. I have gone through all the old suggestions I found and removed those that actually made it to actually being challenges.