Custom Content Challenge: November 2018: For the Dogs

The theme for this month's challenge: "For the Dogs":

For the Dogs: Dog collars, leashes, and armor, like the equipment for horses. Amateurs/non-modelers could try making a prefab pet store or animal shelter, perhaps adapting the horse and hench scripts to make the pets purchasable.

This theme was suggested by Sir Adril.


  • It must be fully working in game.
  • Use of vanilla NWN or publicly available texture is fine.  Just remember that NWN textures must have dimensions in powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.).
  • Teamwork is welcome.
  • Beginners most welcome. Don't be afraid, just try, you'll be surprised!
  • "Custom Content" includes many sorts of things: models, scripts, prefabs (areas, items, creatures, conversations, quests, etc.), sounds, portraits, or anything else new for the game.
  • All submissions must be finished, working, and emailed to (or a non-Vault link provided) by December 1st, 2018. Sooner than that is perfectly fine too. ;-)

Some things you could include in the download/email that would make packaging everything up easier and faster:

  • 2da lines needed.
  • Screenshot from in game for use on the Vault page. Formats: .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tga
  • Portraits (if needed) of your new goodie. Placeables and monsters should include a portrait.
  • Inventory icons (if needed) of your new goodie.
  • Any credits you would like listed.
  • If this is your first entry, please tell me what name you would like your work listed under and provide a link to your other NWN content if you want that displayed as well (the link bit is totally optional).

Remember, the Challenge is all about fun, sharing, creativity, and surprise!

This thread is for all sorts of discussion about this month's theme: ideas for things to make, questions/concerns, announcement of what you intend to make, screenshots of work in progress and/or finished projects.  

If you want to discuss the Monthly Custom Content Challenge idea as a whole or wish to submit ideas/themes for future monthly Challenges, please post in its thread here

When submitting a new theme, please provide a title and short summary of the theme.

If you have a technical question about some custom content creation, please create a separate thread so that the answers can be found later by anyone, not just people interested in this Challenge. 

We'll try to help!

Have no fear and join the fun!

And finally, you can: 

I have merely one thing to say

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Nobody making stuff for this?


im sure somebody will, just give it some time if not then it was probably a wasted theme. it could be better fit if it werent so specific like a pets theme might be better for contributing

I didn’t even see this until now. Too bad we can’t have the monthly CC stickied for the duration of the challenge.

Can’t do it precisely and stickied topics are only sticky until you read them. In other words a topic will appear pinned only until you read it. Once you have read it, it becomes unpinned as far as you are concerned. After that if you want quick access to it you need to bookmark it. If you are not certain how to do that, read this thread on how this forum works.

This particular thread is now pinned until a week on Monday at 8 am GMT.


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Cooshee ?

Lhee? Spiked collar placeable/item? Wardog armour?


We cant have an empty CCC! (grabs some things and starts to tinker)

Anyone up to do some animations? Sit? Lie down? Bark? Growl?

DA:O had a leg cock, too…

ok good, not deadline yet. Wasn’t planning to submit this month but managed to rustle up some doggie things. I basically resized the worg into normal dog size and made wolves out of it to replace the OC wolves (they look like pets and not wolfie at all) and a few other things…


Doghouse? Sign saying “Fido” or “Spot”?

Zwerkules did a doghouse from the Witcher 1 conversions awhile back.