Custom Content Challenge - November 2022 Poll

Custom Content Challenge - November 2022 Poll
  • Common Stuff and Salvage
  • Cutscene Helpers
  • Destinations of the Crusaders
  • Flay the Mind
  • Non-Human Skeletons and Cadavers!/Bone Yard
  • On the Big Screen
  • Planar invasion
  • Prefab Plus
  • Primitive Civilizations
  • The Age of Enlightenment / Great war

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Common Stuff and Salvage

Things like cups, wagons, lanterns and such. Also it could contain pitchfork and some farming tools as weapons. Also improvised items or common items with unusual use (bashing cups, door or table shield, sword made from plough or guillotine axe. Placeables like table camp-fire door from shield or table, table from door or shield with axes, junk huts. At last junk armours, who wanna to wear door armour or put helmet? We also have a shields on straps. Oh and I forgot about some scavengers and junk creations.)

Cutscene Helpers

Increase the flexibility of cut-scenes by creating things specifically for use in them. Invisible walls that can have other placeable objects attached to them similar to portraits hung on regular walls. Black walls with window/keyhole/etc. shapes cut into them to look through with the camera. Prefabs that only require assigning the roles. Tilesets that mimic existing Bioware areas but remove/move walls and features to increase the number of potential camera positions. Skinnable walls that mimic beds, floors, etc. for top-down camera angles. (Been thinking about this last suggestion for a while. I would definitely add to it a new set of scripts that are easier to use with less idiosyncrasies. This is not to diss the ing_cutscene routines but they are hardly intuitive.)

Destinations of the Crusaders

May I make some suggestions? How about something Middle-Eastern? I don’t mean Egyptian or Pharaoh themed but Biblical and Islamic themed like the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, various Mosques etc. Something like the atmosphere from the first Assassin’s Creed is what I’m imagining. We do have the CTP Babylon tileset and Zwerkules’ Arabian Nights tileset which are both excellent. Maybe it could be a polishing up of existing desert tilesets to bring them up to the standard of the Medieval City tileset.

Flay the Mind

The topic of this challenge is Mind Flayers, or Illithids. Suggested contributions include additions to the Illithid Interior tileset, tools and weapons used by illithids, mind flayer furniture (beds, chairs, tables, rugs, tapestries, &c) and instruments of control, new Illithid garb, portraits, illithid slaves, and strange psionic devices and gear. Illithid-associated creatures include ulitharids, illithocytes, neothelids, mindwitness, urophions, illithidae, or alhoon. There can also be psionic temples for Ilsensine or Maanzecorian.

Non-Human Skeletons and Cadavers!/Bone Yard

Sometimes you need some undead creatures or simply some nifty skeletons/corpses but you are limited to (mostly) human placeables! We need more variety! New skeletons based off of the various races out there. Dynamic Skeletons of said races. Furniture made of bone. Armor and Weapons made of bone. Bone placeables or tiles for sets.

On the big screen

Everything about cinema and what is buzzing around it, movies, cinemas, studios. Placeable tiles with star names and footprints, Film sets for modern forms, A big screen for a Drive In, The interiors of a projection room, Ticket office and popcorn (perhaps to hold in your hand), Any element that recalls the atmosphere of famous films, Placeable floating islands of “Avatar”, A micro set of ship deck tiles from “Titanic”, Electrified fences for dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park”, Flying Skateboards and Delorean from “Back to the Future”.

Planar invasion

What if fiends decided to invade en masse? Or angels got sick of mortal sins? Earth elementals carved new resources? Fire elementals slaves? Or just some interplanar empire found “backwater” world? Conjunction threw some world together?

Prefab Plus

How about a prefab challenge? Participants make a single prefab area either from an existing tileset - either vanilla or custom. The only caveat would be that any custom tileset used has to be hosted on the Vault. Optionally, someone savvy with 3D modelling could make a mini-tileset to host their area. The prefab area should be all setup with tricks, traps, monsters, etc. so that any Builder wishing to use it can just drop it into their module. Editor’s Note - Areas can include custom content created specifically for the submitted prefab area.

Primitive Civilizations

Bone, stone weapons and armour, crude ironworks. Creatures with tribal tattoos. Huts of all kind (primitive). Tribal ceremonial items.

The Age of Enlightenment / Great war

Featuring 18th to early 20th century weapons clothes, helmets, gas masks and machinery, grand steam constructs, really old cars, their fantasy brothers, some steam and clockwork robots and also the people and buildings. Also terrible weapons and defences of WWI like combat gases, artillery and tranches

New this month are “Flay the Mind”, “Destinations of the Crusaders” and “On the big screen”.


The Toolset needs to be bigger
Because “This Toolset isn’t Big Enough for the Both of Us”

That idea Is not part of this month’s poll. It will get a second airing at a later (unspecified) date sometime in the future. It is not forgotten, just parked for the time being.

Talking of time… One week left if you haven’t voted yet.


And the winner is -

Non-Human Skeletons and Cadavers!/Bone Yard