Custom Content Challenge: October 2018: Ninja, Samurai & Kung Fu Masters


Excellent work everybody ! Many thanks to all contributing to this special “Waah… Zzahh !!!” Bruce Lee styled CCC :grinning:

So sorry not being able to make anything for it myself.

@StoneHammer: I see you have done various outfits with black, red and white/grey belts. May i humbly request other belt colors (yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, please). Could be fun someday to have a real NWN Dojo where you graduate with the various adequate color levels.




I will make a bruce lee pants clothing set (Pelvis, Leg, Shin, Foot. he was not big on shirts) so you can customize it into whatever you need


3 new monks


also some random dude with a long pigtail to recreate the great Skins versus Pigtails war


Nice work, people!

The Goods


Shit, I’ve arrived soooo late, else I could have just puked a plethora of models from SoulCalibur VII >_>

I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo bad at skinmeshing or slicing models, that’s why I usually do only heads and MAAAAAAAAYBE a torso. I don’t know if you guys keep adding to the CCC, or if someone wants them. If you do, tell me and I’ll just post them ^^

Btw, you guys made my monkey monk heart soooo happy!! I love to play monks and it’s so hard to customize something for them, kudos for you all!!


Not for stuff from other games. You could always make a project out of whatever you’ve got.



Well, guess I’ve arrived late for it to be ussable in this CCC.

But still, I don’t see why they wouldn’t add ripped stuff from other games, they already did :stuck_out_tongue: