Custom Content Challenge - October 2022 Poll

Custom Content Challenge - October 2022 Poll
  • Common Stuff and Salvage
  • Cutscene Helpers
  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • Non-Human Skeletons and Cadavers!/Bone Yard
  • Planar invasion
  • Prefab Plus
  • Primitive Civilizations
  • The Age of Enlightment / Great war
  • The Circle of Life
  • This Toolset ain’t big enough for the both of us

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Common Stuff and Salvage

Things like cups, wagons, lanterns and such. Also it could contain pitchfork and some farming tools as weapons. Also improvised items or common items with unusual use (bashing cups, door or table shield, sword made from plough or guillotine axe. Placeables like table camp-fire door from shield or table, table from door or shield with axes, junk huts. At last junk armours, who wanna to wear door armour or put helmet? We also have a shields on straps. Oh and I forgot about some scavengers and junk creations.)

Cutscene Helpers

Increase the flexibility of cut-scenes by creating things specifically for use in them. Invisible walls that can have other placeable objects attached to them similar to portraits hung on regular walls. Black walls with window/keyhole/etc. shapes cut into them to look through with the camera. Prefabs that only require assigning the roles. Tilesets that mimic existing Bioware areas but remove/move walls and features to increase the number of potential camera positions. Skinnable walls that mimic beds, floors, etc. for top-down camera angles. (Been thinking about this last suggestion for a while. I would definitely add to it a new set of scripts that are easier to use with less idiosyncrasies. This is not to diss the ing_cutscene routines but they are hardly intuitive.)

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

This 1980 S3 module was written by Gary Gygax and featured strong science fiction elements. It introduced several new monsters, such as vegepygmies*, froghemoth, alien plants, androids, and various police and worker robots. Additional gear available to the players include blaster rifles, laser pistols, powered armour, anti-grav belts, and sleep gas grenades. Finally there is the ship itself, which included sci-fi furniture, control panels, and all sorts of weird machines and devices; there’s plenty of potential for a sci-fi tileset. The module itself was well illustrated, providing numerous examples.

Non-Human Skeletons and Cadavers!/Bone Yard

Sometimes you need some undead creatures or simply some nifty skeletons/corpses but you are limited to (mostly) human placeables! We need more variety! New skeletons based off of the various races out there. Dynamic Skeletons of said races. Furniture made of bone. Armor and Weapons made of bone. Bone placeables or tiles for sets.

Planar invasion

What if fiends decided to invade en masse? Or angels got sick of mortal sins? Earth elementals carved new resources? Fire elementals slaves? Or just some interplanar empire found “backwater” world? Conjunction threw some world together?

Prefab Plus

How about a prefab challenge? Participants make a single prefab area either from an existing tileset - either vanilla or custom. The only caveat would be that any custom tileset used has to be hosted on the Vault. Optionally, someone savvy with 3D modeling could make a mini-tileset to host their area. The prefab area should be all setup with tricks, traps, monsters, etc. so that any Builder wishing to use it can just drop it into their module. Editor’s Note - Areas can include custom content created specifically for the submitted prefab area.

Primitive Civilizations

Bone, stone weapons and armour, crude ironworks. Creatures with tribal tattoos. Huts of all kind (primitive). Tribal ceremonial items.

The Age of Enlightment / Great war

Featuring 18th to early 20th century weapons clothes, helmets, gas masks and machinery, grand steam constructs, really old cars, their fantasy brothers, some steam and clockwork robots and also the people and buildings. Also terrible weapons and defences of WWI like combat gases, artillery and tranches

The Circle of Life

There are more stages to life than being a combat-ready adult of one’s species - how about some infants, toddlers, children, the sickly and the elderly? Pregnant creatures, more clothing options for pregnant dynamic humanoids. Holdable children, children’s’ toys. Nursery placeables, animal nesting places (placeables, tiles, or area prefabs), coffins and sarcophagi, bone remains and fossils. Medication item prefabs, scripts, and inventory icons. Also, undead creatures, sure, why not - undeath is definitely part of the “Circle of Life” in DnD. Undead children count double. Animal call sounds, children’s’ and old people- “Get off my lawn!”-style voicesets. Birthday cakes. Funeral flower wreaths. Tombstones. Life insurance salespeople, prefabs for doctor/healer NPCs. And anything to do with the Lion King movies fits the theme by default, I suppose. NAAAANTS INGONYAMAAA!

This Toolset ain’t big enough for the both of us

The Aurora Toolset is specifically geared for Medieval Fantasy design but it is so flexible it hasn’t stopped people from building Modern and other themes with it. However, there’s a distinct lack of any era in between and that includes the rich tradition of the American Western, a region of period that even covers the colonial and post colonial Americas and Australia encompossing European, African and Native traditions: horses; gunfights; cowboys; ranchers; homesteaders; gold rushes; missionary zeal; lawlessness; gamblingl escape; expansion; steam technology; opportunity and progress; victorian costume and sensibilty. Ramshackle towns could grow overnight looking to exploit opportunity away from the prying eyes of the establishment with no mind to the people that already lived there. What if those legends are real - stories of Dinosaurs, Sasquatch, The Lost Dutchman’s Gold, El Dorado, The Motherlode, The Northwest Passge and the fearsome Ghost Dance that make bullets impenetrable. Weird West, Steampunk, Cattlepunk, Fantasy Western, are all genres of this era that blend well with RPG’s, first conceived of by Captain Weber and Dave Arneson as Brownstone even before Arneson developed what would become Dungeons and Dragons

New this month are “Planar invasion” and “The Age of Enlightment / Great war”


Eight days to go and only 16 votes? Did you forget to choose?


I hope you will do classes or spells for your next custom challenge - Nov 2022. I’m still hoping for a Warlock class and dragon disciples classes :frowning:
Would be nice to see new spells too :slight_smile:

Poll ends tomorrow and currently we have yet another tie! So, if you still haven’t voted, your vote is needed now.


Close run thing but this month’s winner is - The Circle of Life.