Custom Content Challenge - Rules, Guidelines, etc

An ongoing project for both new and experienced custom content makers, the Custom Content Challenge is a way for content makers to develop new and innovative content that can be used by module builders to enrich the game. A theme is selected each month by majority vote, and content is developed around that theme.

The Custom Content Challenge is geared towards making easy to use content for many sorts of modules. Beginners are encouraged to participate, and specific content creation questions are answered by the more experienced content makers. Custom content includes many different categories, such as 3D models, icons, scripts, sounds, and even prefab areas/items/NPCs.

From Neverwinter Nights Community Site (NWN) - Custom Content Challenge

Submissions should include ALL files necessary for the content to be working in game (e.g. mdl, pwk, wok, tga, dds files, etc.). Files should be compressed into a ZIP, RAR, or 7Z format archive and emailed to


Post theme suggestions in Custom Content Challenge 2020 - Theme Suggestions

A complete list of all previous CC Challenges is listed here: NWN Community Site: Custom Content Challenge and here:CCC-Catalogue


If anyone knows where I can find the list of CC Challenge 2da ranges, I’d appreciate a pointer in that direction along with a link to the original guidelines thread.

Don’t know about the 2da ranges but I do have a few links for you that may be of use -



Thank you

TBH, I don’t think 2da ranges were coordinated and everyone did their own thing, often just submitting lines to be appended/integrated. TAD integrated and released both a big package and individual submissions.



Probably then, the best thing for me to do is download the last CC Challenge hak and mark out what 2da lines have been used for the challenges. That way I don’t go stepping on other content.

EDIT - Well that was rather easy. @shadguy was right, there is no special 2da ranges used and, after looking at two haks, there was certainly no coordination. With this in mind, I think releasing a hak that includes 2da files is kind of moot. I’m leaning towards a hak for the content, along with independent source files, and a TXT file listing out the 2da lines so Builders can merge the content in however they see fit.

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However you choose to do it I do tend to like having both a hak and a separate source download with each of the creators contributions in separate folders. That way you can have a quick look in game then go to the creator’s folder(s) to get what you actually want to use.


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Yup, we’re on the same page (hak w/out 2da files), source files (separated into folders by author), and a TXT file with 2da entries. So its just one extra file - kind of like a 2da ReadMe.

New submission email address:

Are you using the old suggestion thread or is there a new link to make suggestions? NM I think I found it.

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Now that CCC is reborn and happily churning out fantastic content for us all, maybe it could be an idea to reclaim the top right spot (on the main page) ?

The damn place 'still frozen :wink: on a March 2019 CC Challenge ! Perhaps someone can do something to bring this CCC space to the glorious CCC organizers hands. It was really handy and i am sure it would help get more votes and more exposition for our beloved challenge.



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