Custom Content Challenge: Theme Suggestions

New forum software, new thread for making suggestions for future Custom Content Challenges. I’m keeping a list of suggestions for inclusion in future polls.

When making a suggestion, include a title and a brief description/summary that would appear on the poll page and in each month’s thread if chosen. The description/summary should include a few brief examples of things that would fit the theme.

Here’s an example of how to format your suggestion (which, admittedly, has a lot of examples):

Why So Serious?: D&D is not always a game of serious topics and deadly combat. Sometimes things just end up a little bit (or a lot) absurd. This decade old game could use a few more things that are just plain silly or carefully considered D&D humor. A gazebo monster, or a door that looks like a large jar. A band of gnome pickpockets that steal footwear. An overly curious NPC that just follows PCs around until they leave the area. A jester that tells random jokes. A longsword model that looks like a Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. A set of prefab books with humorous descriptions and titles. Apprentice-scribed spells scrolls that have unforeseen effects. A short quest that just ends up ridiculous halfway through before having a normal ending. A henchman that has a 25% chance on seeing any human (or elf, or dwarf, etc.) of voicing a crude insult about said being. Be creative!
{ Suggested By: The Amethyst Dragon }

Note: I will occasionally edit posts with notes and clean up discussion (remove some posts) to keep this thread easier to read.

Previous Theme Suggestion Thread

Ice Age

Which Ice Age are you talking about Tonden? The cgi animated movies or the Pleistocene geological period? (The Pleistocene Epoch began about 2.6 million years ago and lasted until about 11,700 years ago. We are currently in the Holocene Epoch). Fun fact. There were warmer periods between the those of glaciation. These periods are called interglacial periods and we are currently in one i.e. a full blown ice age could very well happen again in the next 15,000 years unless global warming blocks it.


Needs a brief description/summary that would appear on the poll page and possible theme thread.

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How about:

This challenge will develop themes and content associated with an ice age era, whether past or future. This could include prehistoric/posthistoric humankind, glacial and/or tundra tiles, pleistocene megafauna, primitive dwellings, stone knives and bear skins, frozen ruined structures and technology from a distance past, ice caves, sea glaciers, bones of mammoths, frozen corpses, mastodon mounts, seals, ice elementals, igloos, priests and symbols of Auril, ice ships, spells and magic items associated with cold and ice, and so forth.

Possible creatures include: smilodon, mammoth, mastodon, wooly rhinoceros, ice elves, yeti, Irish elk, and glyptodon.


How about:

I liked some of " rjshae " ideas:

glacial and/or tundra tiles
primitive dwellings
stone knives and bear skins
frozen ruined structures
ice caves
sea glaciers
bones of mammoths
mastodon mounts

Creatures smilodon, mammoth, mastodon, wooly rhinoceros, ice elves, yeti, Irish elk, and glyptodon.

The Circle of Life
There are more stages to life than being a combat-ready adult of one’s species - how about some infants, toddlers, children, the sickly and the elderly? Pregnant creatures, more clothing options for pregnant dynamic humanoids. Holdable children, childrens’ toys. Nursery placeables, animal nesting places (placeables, tiles, or area prefabs), coffins and sarcophagi, bone remains and fossils. Medication item prefabs, scripts, and inventory icons. Also undead creatures, sure, why not - undeath is definitely part of the “Circle of Life” in DnD. Undead children count double. Animal call sounds, childrens’ and old people-“Get off my lawn!”-style voicesets. Birthday cakes. Funeral flower wreaths. Tombstones. Life insurance salespeople, prefabs for doctor/healer NPCs. And anything to do with the The Lion King movies fits the theme by default, I suppose. NAAAANTS INGONYAMAAA!


Flay the Mind

The topic of this challenge is Mind Flayers, or Illithids. Suggested contributions include additions to the Illithid Interior tileset, tools and weapons used by illithids, mind flayer furniture (beds, chairs, tables, rugs, tapestries, &c) and instruments of control, new Illithid garb, portraits, illithid slaves, and strange psionic devices and gear. Illithid-associated creatures include ulitharids, illithocytes, neothelids, mindwitness, urophions, illithidae, or alhoon. There can also be psionic temples for Ilsensine or Maanzecorian.

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Is there a list of all the suggestions (not just the winners) that have been made before? I only took part in a fracture of all the threads so I would rather not come up with suggestions that already have been made.

Btw…has there ever been a “second chance” suggestion thread where we get to vote a bunch of close 2nds? If not, maybe these runner-ups could get a shot.

I think the CCC tag has most if not all of them:

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Welcome to the Stone Age

The topic of this challenge is everything associated with primitive cultures like p.e.

  • flint and bone weapons, blowpipes and boomerangs
  • crude fur & hide armor, helmets and tribal shields (feather adornments?)
  • magic boots, belts, bracers and jewelery made from fur, hide, feathers, flint and bone
  • clay potion flasks
  • banners, totems and crude pottery
  • huts, tents, fireplaces and burial sites

Providing new stuff for lizardmen tribes, savage orcs and ogres as well as druid, ranger and barbarian NPCs.


Or you could look at the CCC Catalogue that I maintain that lists all the things made for all the challenges that have been and the results published (which is why it currently ends with the February challenge).



The previous suggestions thread on the old forums is here, if that helps.


I can copy over my lists soon. :slight_smile:

I do keep a list of themes that got 0 votes once to throw into the polls as second chances. Sometimes I include them, and they’ve even gone on to become monthly themes (for instance both “Machines” and “Monsters from Asian Mythology” were second chance options).

If a theme gets a second chance and gets 0 votes again, then it goes onto my “never coming back” list.

Another quick source for all of the CCC themes that have ever been run since it began in August 2010 can be found here: This one has all the themes and what’s in them, but is not as searchable/sortable as Tarot Redhand’s.


Planar invasion
(see rifts mmo)
What if fiends decided to invade en masse?
Or angels got sick of mortal sins?
Earth elementals carved new resources?
Fire elementals slaves?
Or just some interplanar empire found “backwater” world?
Conjunction trew some world together?


Lovely insects should get more love. They are just glorious.
Zombies? CHECK
Ambush predators? CHECK
Devouring swarm? CHECK
Hives? CHECK
Hyperspecialization? CHECK
See? So many options.


Some propositions:

Spooky, Scary Non-Human Skeletons and Cadavers!

Sometimes you need some undead creatures or simply some nifty skeletons/corpses but you are limited to (mostly) human placeables! We need more variety!


Warhammer-style savage creatures, that could ravage your land!


Hunters and fishermen

Everything about hunting.
New weapons and clothes and icons: rifles, optics, bows, complete with bandolier, fishing rods, fishing line, bait, floats, fishing tackle, waterproof leggings, nets.
New game and fish creatures: hares, pheasants, quails, woodcock, partridge, partridge etc.
Trout, salmon, pike, carp.
Hunting dogs.
New tiles and positionable. hunting huts, exposed animals, posable traps, slits, basket and feed with stick and rope, snare etc.

Png who propose hunting and bait missions.



Everything about insects.

Models of life-size or giant creatures.

Collembola, Dipluri, Tisanuri, Fasmidi, Diptera, Mantoidei, Tisanotteri, Odonati, Hymenoptera, Rincoti, Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Blattoidea, Celifera, Ensiferi.
Swarms of flies or locusts.
Beetle and spider and other retextures.

Parts of the body: Head and arms to insect tails, also other parts of the body. Beesman’s dress.

Positionable: Beehives, honey combs, anthills, collections, decorated books, spider that weaves the canvas, mulberry trees with silkworms, zampironi, electric traps.

Weapons: fly swatter, butterfly net, Carapace shields, Armor ankheg ecc

Tile and Tileset: anthill, beehive, spider webs, additional shingles with hives and anthills.

Sounds: crickets, cicadas, flies, hornets.

Npc and shops: people who live thanks to insects and sell insects and products made from them.

Icons: insects icons for collection or alchemy.

I apologize with Sunssarathi2029, I saw only after posting that he had already suggested …