Custom Content Challenge: Theme Suggestions


Adventurer Couture:

‘That cloack of protection you are wearing is so last season’ While new cloathing options are allways welcome I envison this topic as a bit broader. Placables that have to do with cloathing production, (haninging) cloathing placables, Needle swords, manaquin gollems, pre fab cloathing stores…


Bone Yard:

This challenge would be made up of all things bone related.

New skeletons based off of the various races out there.
Dynamic Skeletons of said races.
Furniture made of bone.
Armor and Weapons made of bone.
Bone placeables or tiles for sets.


Perhaps a bit too late too the party, but I don’t recall there ever been a Christmas theme?
Maybe cliche, but definitely amusing (did you see Nuclear Winter for DN3D?).

  • “Season” modification to vanilla models, effects or sounds (i.e. goblins with Santa hats)
  • Christmas building adornment and tree placeables (with on and off states)
  • Evil snowmen creatures (with mandatory dissolve-into-puddle on death animation)
  • Falling star placeable
  • Localized snow VFX
  • etc…


There’s a lot of seasonal stuff in CEP already, if you need them, from snowmen through xmas tree and gifts… mostly courtesy TAD iirc…but the more the merrier…